New to Blu-ray/DVD: I Am Thor & Forever: The Complete Series


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Editor’s Notes: I Am Thor and Forever: The Complete Series will be released on their respective formats on January 19th.

I Am Thor

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I Am Thor (Dark Sky Films) is the story of Jon Mikl Thor, a blonde bodybuilder/rock star whose band THOR was a 1970s staple along with Metallica and Kiss. He has shared shared the stage with such top acts as Motorhead, Anvil, Thin Lizzy, W.A.S.P., and Manowar, yet he and his band never reached his show biz Holy Grail — gold record status.

Thor starred in the cult movie classics Rock ’n’ Roll Nightmare, Recruits, and Zombie Nightmare, but disappeared shortly afterward from the world of entertainment. But ten years into retirement and incapable of living a normal, non-celebrity life, he attempted a comeback to achieve the level of success that had eluded him his entire career.

Filmed over a period of several years, I Am Thor focuses on a career beset by bad fortune. mismanagement, ill health, and more than a few unfortunate coincidences. A showman first and foremost, Thor wears elaborate costumes, incorporates light shows, shows off feats of strength and sings rock ’n’ roll — songs written by Thor himself. He may not sell out auditoriums, but his audiences are thoroughly entertained.

Despite the countless obstacles he’s faced. Thor has an Energizer bunny mentality that just keeps him chugging along, doing what he loves. His optimism is infectious, and the love relationship with his appreciative fans quite touching.

The only bonus feature on the Blu-ray release is the film’s theatrical trailer.

Forever: The Complete Series

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Forever: The Complete Series (Warner Archive) is a TV drama about Dr. Henry Morgan (Ioan Gruffudd), who has no idea why he hasn’t been able to die in 200 years. He’s been killed many times yet always awakens naked in a body of water. Henry has chosen his job as a New York medical examiner because it has allowed him to search for clues to unlock the secrets of his immortality. As he investigates deaths, he hopes that whatever is causing him to outlive everyone he loves will be revealed.

Because of Henry’s encyclopedic knowledge of history, sharp observational skills and British accent, it’s impossible not to think of him as a variation on Sherlock Holmes. Gruffudd’s Henry has a keen sense of humor, is likable, and never comes across as condescending or smug, even though he’s almost always the smartest guy in the room.

Detective Jo Martinez (Alana De La Garza) is a recent widow who is not adjusting well to being single. To ease the pain of her loss, she drinks too much and engages in one-night stands. She and Henry team up in the show’s pilot episode to investigate the deaths of 15 people who were killed when a subway car crashed.

Despite the supernatural element of immortality, Forever is essentially another police procedural show. Since Henry doesn’t have the normal fear of dying, the show often veers into interesting territory. Gruffudd is a good-looking, excellent actor who’s surprisingly not achieved big-screen stardom. He gives Henry just the right light touch as he and Det. Martinez attempt to solve crimes.

The only special feature on the 5-disc DVD release is a number of unaired scenes.


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