Three Movie-Inspired Slot Machines you Should Try Today


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Movies and games go hand in hand. Ever since video games became a thing, companion games have emerged to reap some of the success of a blockbuster. The fact that some games are remembered as huge failures tells a lot about the talent behind them - but that’s a different story altogether. Today I’d like to tell you about a handful of games - slot machines to be exact - that have succeeded where game developers of the past have failed miserably: in adapting famous movies to the small (and very small) screen. You can try them yourself for free, or sign up and claim your free welcome offer at Euro Palace online casino to play them for real.

The Dark Knight Rises

Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy was one of the most successful on-screen Batman versions. And the slot machines inspired by two of the three movies, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises, are among the most successful games ever to be released at Euro Palace. Built under a licensing agreement with Warner Bros., the two slot machines are visually appealing, atmospheric, and also quite generous with “for real” players. One of them, The Dark Knight, even has a major jackpot for its luckiest players.

Featuring the heroes and the villains well known for the movies, the games are filled with features - like expanding wilds randomly triggered bonuses and free spins. Plus cut scenes from the movies themselves.

Terminator II - Judgement Day

A major blockbuster of the 1990s, Terminator II made it to Euro Palace last summer. Right on time to greet the reboot of the Terminator franchise with last year’s Genisys. Judgement Day was the pinnacle of the series - no sequels were able to live up to its fame. And the slot machine based on the game was a great addition to the gaming world.

The Terminator II video slot machine, built under a licensing agreement with StudioCanal, was one of the best games released by Euro Palace last year. Not the best, though - this title goes to another movie-based game launched a few months earlier.

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park was more than just a blockbuster: it was the movie that made dinosaurs cool. And its slot machine adaptation was easily the best game released by Euro Palace last year - maybe their best game ever. With high-quality graphics, an immersive soundtrack, and special features inspired by the movie, it is one of the most atmospheric slot machines I’ve ever played. And its focus on the dinosaurs instead of the actors playing in the movie also set it apart.


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