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I married into the cult of cinema at a very young age - I wasn't of legal marriage age, but I didn't care. It has taken advantage of me and abused me many times. Yet I stay in this marriage because I'm obsessed and consumed. Don't try to save me -- I'm too far gone.

Reviews Focus-Movie

Focus is an intriguing little mixed bag of heavy style and breezy romantic comedy, delivered by a writer-director team that is swiftly becoming the go-to duo for such oddball combos. Glenn Ficarra and John Requa fashion themselves as specialists of two-tone filmmaking. Look no further than their early credits as a writing team, where they …

Reviews Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 1.41.44 AM

The eulogy for print media is written pretty much daily. Cries of “Print is dead!” have existed for years, and despite the fact that print is very much not dead a mythology has risen up around epithets for this lost art. There’s a wistfulness for the lost prominence of the print newspaper (or for its more verbose cousins, the magazine and the book) that is …

Projection: Oscar Birdman-keaton-norton

Merry Christmas to you all. The Oscars are imminently upon us, and now all this hysteria will soon come to an end. Whether that ending results in a fever pitch of shock and awe or a calm, acknowledging nod is yet to be determined – and frankly, the result depends on which side of the Oscar fence an individual falls on.

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It’s time. In less than 9 hours, the 87th Academy Awards will be upon us, and there will be no amount of grousing or second-guessing that will help us stop the inevitable. Those envelopes will be opened and we will all be given a swift slap across the face. Oscar will remind us who is boss.

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Every year, for all the hand-wringing and second guessing that takes place among Oscar pool participants over the main categories, inevitably the picks that make or break one’s Oscar ballot are the picks for the three Short Film categories. Historically, the Oscar nominated shorts are the little films that are completely difficult to gauge in terms of …

Reviews 50-shades-of-grey

The only discernible difference between a Disney fairy tale and Fifty Shades of Grey is…ya know…the blindfolds and handcuffs and leather floggers. Rather than a crown of jewels, this story deals in pearl necklaces – although even that seems out of this film’s realm, which is more an environment of chaste courtship posing ….

Projection: Oscar Michael Keaton in Birdman

At this point, it’s all over but the votin’. Ballots were sent out last Friday. Oscar voting, for the most part, will take place this week. We now know where the guilds and BAFTA stand, and there’s precious little time for anything to change in any significant way. Nevertheless, there are …

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