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I married into the cult of cinema at a very young age - I wasn't of legal marriage age, but I didn't care. It has taken advantage of me and abused me many times. Yet I stay in this marriage because I'm obsessed and consumed. Don't try to save me -- I'm too far gone.

Projection: Oscar Spotlight

The Director’s Guild of America announced nominations for its 68th annual awards today, and the grouping was about as predictable as can be. In fact, I did predict it…along with about 2,000 other Oscar bloggers/pundits/obsessives over social media this morning, lest you think I was getting a big head. The list also lines up 5-for-5 with my most current predictions for the Best Director category at the Oscars.

Special Feature Spotlight (dir. Tom McCarthy, 2015)

Let’s be honest: the Golden Globes are a farce. Make no mistake – it’s the party of the year for the film and television industries. But as an awards body, it is a complete and utter farce. By virtue of said “party of the year” – which is an annual highlight on NBC’s winter schedule, for years shepherded by Dick Clark into the institution it has become – and due to its comfy proximity to the Academy Awards, the Globes have been elevated to a kind of legitimacy and esteem that leads…

Special Feature carol_2-2

I like to spot the common theme in each year’s film slate, and this year there were multiple. This was, at long last, the Year of the Woman, and seven of my top 10 are passionate stories about women both strong and frail…stories of humanity through the female lens. And even many of the films on this list that are not strictly “female centered” contain strong female voices and presences. If the prevailing theme of a year’s films represents the artistic community’s outcry for what is missing, surely this is it.

Projection: Oscar The Martian

Here we are, just a week away from the announcement of the Oscar nominations. And the race is about as crowded and confusing as ever. As industry guild nominations start to filter in, we can begin to get a legitimate feel for how the Oscar nomination vote might go down, since we are finally getting glimpses of what each industry discipline is celebrating…

Projection: Oscar The Big Short

Welcome to 2016. In other words, welcome to the last two months of the Oscar race. We are a week away from the transition from Phase One, where we grouse about which films and performances can squeeze into those narrow Oscar categories, into Phase Two, where we still grouse, but at least the field is set…

Special Feature Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 8.44.15 PM


On the heels of last week’s SAG nominations, one could – and many have – go into an Oscar tailspin, feverishly questioning the meaning of it all and wondering if the standard predictions that have heretofore been culled from an accepted group of films and performances was shortsighted or out of tune with the industry sentiment.

Special Feature Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 10.32.45 PM

So that happened. Nominations for the 22nd Screen Actors Guild Awards were announced this morning, an event every awards obsessive was circling on their calendars as a potential signifier of Oscar momentum. SAG is the first major industry guild to announce its nominations, and not only is it a guild with AMPAS crossover, that crossover exists

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