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Horror Film Critic. Am I obsessed? Maybe. I prefer the term “passionate”; it has a less creepy stalker kind of vibe. Not that I have anything against creepy stalkers being that my genre of choice is and forever will be the depraved, demented and deranged dwelling of horror. If you're looking for films that don’t sugarcoat things, that reveal people at their ugliest, that aren’t afraid to spill a little blood and have fun doing it, then look no further!

Special Edition purge-anarchy-horror-sequels

When people think of horror sequels, there’s always a temptation to denounce them as inferior films. True, it is easy to start citing examples of lesser films in franchises like Friday the 13th or Saw

Reviews Doc-of-the-dead

The living dead first invaded our cinemas, then our televisions, then our video games, and now they have overflowed into our streets. There seems to be no stopping the dead from devouring every form of media that exists. With such a catastrophic takeover underway, have you ever stopped to wonder how it all began?

Reviews Deliver Us From Evil

Although it’s tempting to start this review with a bunch of nasty quips riffing off of the film’s title (such as, “they could deliver us from evil, but not mediocrity”), it seems beneficial to try to resist. Not that the film doesn’t deserve all the slander it can get, but if we’re just playing the name calling game, then we’ll never get a chance to…

Special Edition in-the-mouth-of-madness-religious-horror

Similar to how the action genre has been mostly eaten up by giant comic book movies, the horror genre has suffered an equally tragic devouring. It’s hard to remember the last horror film that didn’t have someone clutching a crucifix while battling a demon baby growing inside their stomach…

Reviews Blood-Glacier-The-Station-sdfs

Let this film serve as a cautionary tale for climate change deniers. After all, we’ve already discovered ancient viruses freed by the melting ice, who’s to say we won’t find something worse… much worse. This is the simple, yet poignant premise of the inappropriately named Blood Glacier. Despite the films fairly egregious title, it is a …

NP Approved el_dia_de_los_muertos_1985_2

Lets concede one thing: If Night of the Living Dead is about racism and Dawn of the Dead is about consumerism, then Day of the Dead has its contemplative sights set on existential crisis. At first glance, this movie, which deserves many more glances than just one, could seem to be about gender roles, social breakdown, feminism, or perhaps even a healthy dose of anti-militarism. However, at the end of the day, once all has been said and dead, the appropriately eternal question of, “what is the point?” is the most prominent and profound query to drip from the film’s bloody lips.

Reviews Youre-Next

Anticipation is boiling over for this horror home invasion hybrid, but is all the hype warranted? It seems like centuries ago when You’re Next earned huge buzz in the festival circuit after screening at both the Toronto International Film Festival as well as Fantastic Fest in Austin. Now, the film is finally being unleashed on the masses, but can it really be that shattering? The unapologetically ambiguous answer is both yes and no. Let’s look at why…

Blu Review

The simple ghost story structure has been transformed into a compelling drama with jump scares. Sadly, the resulting film fails in fully satisfying either genre demands. You’ll either get a mediocre horror film or a mediocre dysfunctional family adventure depending on your inclination. It’s the risk one takes in birthing a hybrid. However, regardless of the outcome, the courageous breaking of form can stand alone as something to be commended… or at least a pat on the back is in order.

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