Author Derek Deskins

Derek was the only engineer at Northeastern University taking a class on German film and turning a sociology research paper into an examination of Scorsese’s work. Still living in Boston, MA, he blatantly abuses his Netflix account, but can never seem to get his Instant Queue below 200. He continues to fight the stigma that being good at math means you are not any no good at writing. I good write, very much.

Trailers wild card

The Expendables series can be faulted for many things (CGI blood, failure to deliver, going PG-13), but chief among these faults is tying Jason Statham up when he should clearly be leading his own action films. Now we are…

Trailers divergent series: insurgent

We live in a land of plenty when it comes to post-apocalyptic worlds with teenage heroes. As The Hunger Games series nears its conclusion, others are merely getting started. This past March saw Divergent…

Reviews the decent one

I often become annoyed at those that speak in generalities, be it lumping entire generations of people into some terrible stereotype (honestly, not all Millenials are Snapchatting jerks) or ignoring films based on tangential genre labels. But there is one generality that I think we can all get behind: Nazis are evil. The only…

News golden globes

Look out people, we are in full Awards Season gear. Yesterday the Screen Actors Guild (check out our coverage here) came out with their nominees for the year, and today the Golden Globes has followed suit with their picks…

News screen actors guild

The last couple of weeks have had plenty of critics groups weighing in on their top picks of the year. Boyhood has been an early favorite, with the New York Film Critics Circle, Boston Society of Film Critics, Los Angeles Film Critics Association…

Trailers san andreas

The last couple of day has seen some headlines about San Andreas, in particular, first images from the film. Having not looked at or read any more than the headlines of these articles, I had been under the impression that this film was the…

Trailers the walk

It has been six years now since James Marsh recounted Philippe Petit’s tightrope walk between the World Trade Center towers in his documentary Man on Wire. In Petit, Marsh found a captivating dreamer and…

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