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I'm an aspiring filmmaker from Los Angeles. Recently, I graduated from USC with my Bachelors in Cinema/Television Production and French (yes, I'm a "phile" for all things "cine" and "franco"). I will continue my academic career by pursuing a Masters in Film Studies at UCLA (feel free to call me a traitor).

Looking looking 2.3

“Transitory” is the best adjective to describe last night’s episode of Looking, entitled “Looking Top to Bottom.” It is about the transitions – in gendered norms, sexual preferences, careers, actions, and mindsets – that dominate, and in some ways threaten, the stability of our personal and romantic relationships.

Looking looking 2.2

With films like Videodrome and The Fly, David Cronenberg revealed that film and TV is not only visual and auditory, but bodily as well. These mediums have a skin, whose irritation and infection can yield visceral reactions from legions of viewers.

Looking looking 2.1

Some TV series like to pause from the weekly stress and drama of its central storylines by allowing its characters to venture outside of the confines of familiar settings. The premiere of the second season of Looking, titled “Looking for the Promised Land,” pauses from its San Francisco backdrop to explore a more natural setting.

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The Wizard of Oz has a sobering moment for its characters: Dorothy and her friends pull back a curtain to reveal that the ominous Oz is nothing more than a man running a machine. It is a moment that shatters their image of this deified being and turns him into a common person. While watching Only Lovers Left Alive (my first Jim …

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