Author Larry Taylor

Ever since I was a child I have had an obscene obsession with film. After seeing Superman II as a five-year old, I have made it my mission to absorb as many films in as many genres from as many moments in time as I can. And over the years, there are films which have continued to shape my cinematic consciousness. I love discussing film, and I hope you enjoy discussing it along with me. You can read my work on as well.

Blu Review

If someone were to tell me Cosmopolis was a film inhabited by robots, if the big reveal at the end of this enigma were that aliens had taken control of these humans and were manipulating them for some sort of extra-terrestrial experiment, maybe I would have enjoyed what I was watching. But these twists were not part of the story, and what we are left with is a film of soulless people speaking obtuse and bewildering musings about wealth and life in strange and unexplained settings where nothing really connects and nothing is of much interest. As the story unfolded into more and more confusion and nonsensical sprawl, I grew colder and colder to the proceedings until I simply did not care anymore.

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