Author Stacia Kissick Jones

From the moment she heard that computer ask, "How about a nice game of chess?" Stacia has been devoted to movies. A film critic and writer for the better part of a decade, Stacia also plays classical guitar, reads murder mysteries and shamelessly abuses both caffeine and her Netflix queue.

Reviews danny-says

Praised as the “mayor” of the early New York City punk scene, the legendary Danny Fields was one of the first of the so-called house hippies employed by record companies in the 1960s, young men who could live with the freaks by night, and by day explain their marketability to the suits back at the office. He spent the 1960s…

Reviews In Order of Disappearance

It’s taken over two years for In Order of Disappearance, the satirical revenge thriller from Norwegian director Hans Petter Moland, to finally get its American theatrical release, but it has been well worth the wait. In Order of Disappearance stars Stellan Skarsgård as Nils Dickman, a mild-mannered snowplow driver whose world is shaken when…

Reviews The Lost Arcade

Geared primarily toward an audience pre-sold on the premise, The Lost Arcade, the latest documentary from writer Irene Chin and director Kurt Vincent, seems unable, maybe unwilling, to explain much of anything about the gaming scene it holds so dear. With its singular focus on New York City’s last proper video game arcade, the…

Reviews Tickled

When New Zealand journalist David Farrier stumbled across a strange little sport known as Competitive Endurance Tickling, he thought he’d found the perfect topic for his pop-culture news segment. When he contacted the publicity department at Jane O’Brien Media about their hosted tickling events, however, he was…

Reviews Leslie Caron Reluctant Star

Leslie Caron was only 16 years old when Gene Kelly saw her dance on stage and knew she would be the perfect co-star for his upcoming musical An American in Paris (1951). Untrained as an actress and new to the United States, Caron alternated between nerves and irritation during the film’s production. As she tells it in…

NP Approved Chevalier

For most of us, buying a sleek new storage unit is an event. It’s not a high holiday or anything and we probably wouldn’t run to Instagram about it, unless we found ourselves pinned underneath in a tragicomic shelving assembly accident, but it’s an event all the same. For the rich men in Chevalier, the latest feature…

Reviews Men and Chicken

When their father dies, Gabriel (David Dencik) and Elias (Mads Mikkelsen) are given a video containing an important message from the recently deceased. Or at least it’s supposed to be an important message, but thanks to incompetence is instead just a few seconds of the camera accidentally pointed at their father’s…

Reviews Creative Control

It’s New York in the not-to-distant future, as indicated by see-through smartphones and pills that look as though they were produced by a Play-Doh Fun Factory. Hip ad exec David (Benjamin Dickinson) is moments away from the biggest pitch of his life. He’s meeting with Augmenta, a company who has developed some spectacular…

Reviews Backgammon

College kids Lucian (Noah Silver) and his girlfriend Elizabeth (Olivia Crocicchia) are spending a weekend with their friend Andrew (Christian Alexander) at his family’s estate. Lucian has developed a minor obsession with Gerald (Alex Beh), an eccentric artist who lives at the estate with Andrew’s sister Miranda (Brittany Allen). Even…

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