Author Stacia Kissick Jones

A film critic and writer for the better part of a decade, Stacia also plays classical guitar, reads murder mysteries and shamelessly abuses both caffeine and her Netflix queue.

Home Entertainment beggars of life

A fantastic achievement in both entertainment and form, William Wellman’s Beggars of Life (1928) received only a tepid response on its original release. Based on Jim Tully’s second (of over 40) books about his years riding the rails, Beggars portrays hobos as all-American representatives of freedom. Not that it’s changed…

Reviews robocop

RoboCop, a dark political and cultural satire and director Paul Verhoeven’s first American film, was released in the middle of a summer no one knew was a harbinger of things to come. Filled with arid, empty urban landscapes covered in dust and rust and decay, the disintegrating Detroit of the film, thirty years on, less…

Reviews letters from baghdad

Letters from Baghdad documents the life of the extraordinary Gertrude Bell, an accomplished mountaineer, archaeologist, intelligence officer, and maybe even spy. Directed with obvious affection by Sabine Krayenbühl and Zeva Oelbaum, Tilda Swinton as the voice of Bell reads excerpts from her letters and diaries, accompanied…

Home Entertainment 8 bit generation

Relying heavily on interviews with the late Jack Tramiel, 8-Bit Generation: The Commodore Wars means to trace the history of the Commodore 64, arguably the most popular and influential early home computer. Long since outclassed by computers vastly more powerful, the Commodore 64 dominated the 1980s, primarily due…

NP Approved Bang Bert Berns Story

Bert Berns, a major figure in the early 1960s American pop and R&B recording scene, was certainly unsung, but it would be a stretch to call him a hero. A musical childhood lead to a fascination with Latin and Cuban music, which in turn lead him to co-write the classic “Twist and Shout,” sung first by The Top Notes and produced by a…

Reviews tomorrow

In 2015, the news cycle, at least for one day, exploded with the revelation that the earth at this moment is in its sixth major extinction event, known as the Holocene. For most people, this was apparently a shrug-and-forget-it bit of news, but for director Mélanie Laurent and activist Cyril Dion, it was something more: a call to action…

Home Entertainment the mafia kills only in summer

Arturo knows exactly when he was conceived: December 10, 1969, the day of the Viale Lazio massacre, which took place just down the street from his parents’ home in Palermo. The mafia affects everyone’s life, declares Arturo, and he maintains that the only reason he was born at all is because most of his father’s sperm was scared…

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