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Berlinale Corbo (dir. Mathieu Denis, 2014)

Montréal, spring 1966. In a province undergoing profound change, Jean Corbo, an idealistic 16-year-old with a Québécois mother and a father of Italian descent, is torn between two identities. Befriended by Julie and François, two young left-wing activists, he joins a clandestine group determined to use violence…

Berlinale Mina Walking (dir. Yosef Baraki, 2015)

Mina Walking tells the story of Mina, an impulsive twelve-year-old Afghan street seller saddled by a senile grandfather and a neglectful father, who sees her future slipping away when she is forced to neglect her education and walk the streets of Kabul to support her fragmented family. In the seven days

Berlinale Ixcanul (dir. Jayro Bustamante, 2015)

Director Jayro Bustamante’s first feature film Ixcanul is an indigenous drama set in a Mayan community in the rural and rough Guatemalan highlands. Not only is it Bustamante’s first feature, it is further the first official entry of a Guatemalan film competing at the Berlinale. The film’s title refers to a local volcano, constantly present as not only a picturesque yet threatening setting but also a representation of…