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I have never hiked, but I have friends who have done some crazy hikes. I have no survival skills. However, one day in a post partum depression phase after a walk, I decided to run a marathon. I needed to prove something to myself, at least, that I could do something with my life. Checking off the miles on my training schedule had me progressing and pushing my limits. Every long…

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In Dan Gilroy’s marvelous directorial debut, the gritty, neo-noir Nightcrawler; a gaunt and greasy looking Jake Gyllenhaal gives his most captivating performance to date. Playing the mysterious psychopath Lou Bloom; a petty thief who stumbles upon the underworld of crime journalism, subsequently discovering his …

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Akira Kurosawa only made two sequels in his long career. The first was a follow-up to his debut film Sanshiro Sugata titled Zoku Sugata Sanshiro. His second was Sanjuro, which followed his smash hit masterpiece Yojimbo. Sanjuro is a masterpiece in its own right and much better if you don’t watch Yojimbo just before. Not to say that …

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