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Gold (Kino Lorber) is a 1934 German science fiction film that is often overshadowed by the more famous Metropolis, made seven years earlier by Fritz Lang. Directed by Karl Hartl, Gold stars Hans Albers as Professor Holk, an idealistic scientist working on a process to transform lead into gold. Realizing the implications of such a discovery, Holk’s mentor, Prof …

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Hello, My Name Is Doris (Sony Home Entertainment) stars Sally Field as the title character, a middle-aged woman we first see at her mother’s funeral. She has spent her life taking care of her Mom and now has to make some decisions. The Staten Island house where they lived is filled with clutter …

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Movies set mostly in a single location, like 10 Cloverfield Lane (Paramount), can be risky. Visual fatigue can easily set in if the story isn’t strong, engaging and suspenseful. Happily, 10 Cloverfield Lane needn’t worry. It’s a grim but completely absorbing story of survival with a significant element of …

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Three years ago, corporate greed and malfeasance took it squarely in the chin, losing by TKO in the ninth round. Of course, that really didn’t happen, but it gave the Ocean’s Eleven-inspired Now You See Me, a modest heist thriller centered on globe-trotting, rock-star magicians turned Robin Hood …

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Some films attempt to achieve brilliance but fall flat on their face. Others fall too, but when they do, at least their silly red noses make an amusing honk noise. Such is the case with the wondrously whimsical Killer Klowns From Outer Space, the first film to be discussed in this new series that aims to convince …

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Hollywood just might be the most optimistic place in the world. Despite failure after failure (video games adaptations), despite disappointment after disappointment (same), studio executives repeatedly convince themselves that this time, this time, the result will be different. This time, both hardcore fans …

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What’s that saying? If at first you do succeed, try, try again (until you don’t). That’s a paraphrase, of course, but when it comes to the horror genre, a single success can lead to an entire series or franchise spinning out across the better part of a decade or two. And when audiences grow tired of the set-in- …

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Jarhead 3: The Siege (Universal Home Entertainment), despite the number attached to its title, is a stand-alone action film. Apart from the fact that its main character is a Marine, there’s no relation to 2005’s Jarhead, starring Jake Gyllenhaal. Assigned to protect a seemingly safe U.S. Embassy in a fictional Middle East country, Marine …

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