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Reviews the big short 1

Adam McKay has spent quite a while crafting a certain kind of cinematic expectation. The guy makes dumb movies. Well, let me correct slightly, he makes movies that focus on dumb people. His partnership with Will Ferrell has led to the type of films that get celebrated in dorm rooms around two in the morning. McKay knows his audience and more importantly he knows how to entertain them. Despite his cinematic output, I never…

Reviews the wolfpack 1

The Wolfpack grabs your attention right out of the gate. Its premise is the type that leaves you scratching your head in confusion and looking on in wonder. How could you have an apartment in New York City and never venture outside? What could scare a father so much that he would…

Film Festival bondoc_1-1

We would hardly need to think twice about taking to task a narrative film which conceives a compelling character only to craft it unconvincingly. Yet in the realm of documentary, there emerges that peculiar brand of film whose central figure is commanding enough in its own right to overcome the limitations of the means of representation. Perhaps it’s the sense…

Reviews sftts1

Though it would take a purist pedant to legitimately lament the evolution of colour stock as a negative turning point in film history, there’s no doubt something was lost in Technicolor’s takeover as monochrome movies moved from mainstream to niche, and the basic joy of black and…

Reviews Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 7.47.20 PM

Based on the life of Marie Heurtin, blind and deaf from birth, Marie’s Story tells the tale of the young girl’s harrowing struggle to escape what her biographer once deemed a life imprisoned. It’s the late 1800s, and Marie (Ariana Rivoire), who has lived in rural France for her entire short life, is brought by her father to the Larnay Institute. Her family hopes this school for the deaf run by a …

Film Festival kc-moh_1-1

I was in my parents’ living room stuffing my face with potato chips when I first heard and saw the video for Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit. I almost choked. The punk rock bands that I was heavily in to then, were long gone, so the noise and anarchic imagery coming out of the television spoke to something…

BUFF 2015 20 years of madness 1

We all have our own thing. That singular hobby or obsession that is ours. There is a deep love that accompanies the time spent with that outlet. Be it music, movies, cars, food, or whatever else you have that allows you to open, it is the one place where you are fully you. There are…

Reviews Unbroken

The inspirational story at the centre of the often times harrowing Unbroken has almost been overshadowed by the presence of the director at the helm. Having been directed by one of Hollywood’s hottest properties has almost distracted from this true story of the endurance of human strength and spirit. Despite a trailer campaign …

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