TV Recap: Game of Thrones Season 3 - Episode 2 - “Dark Wings, Dark Words”


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Since Game of Thrones started on HBO, I’ve been adamant about not reading any of the books until after that season has ended. That way, I don’t know what’s going to happen when I watch the show. But this season, I may break this tradition because it’s only episode two and I have no idea who anyone is. Or it may be that I’m suddenly too old to be up so late watching something that requires me to draw family trees to keep track of everyone.  Hopefully, people start dying soon, eliminating the need to learn new names.

One new name that I’m not protesting learning is Jojen Reed because it’s kind of a cool, but mostly because the actor played that kid in Love Actually. Yes, Jojen Reed is played by that boy who is in one of my favorite Christmas movies. He still looks exactly the same, except (possibly) taller but I can’t look at this kid’s face without thinking about Christmas and seeing as Westeros isn’t a happy kind of place, this might be a problem.

If Westeros is dangerous and depressing, then Brienne and Jamie traveling together to King’s Landing is my happy place. Watching them banter back in forth makes me SO happy. Poor Brienne looks like she’s fighting between rolling her eyes and wanting to backhand the Kingslayer after every one of his sarcastic remarks. Unfortunately, the fun was interrupted by a random (?) band of men. I’m not sure who they were. Were they sent by Rob Stark? If so, he’s no fun. I’m still predicting that these two get it on at some point. I mean the swordfight was foreplay right?

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 11.26.54 AMOf course, Margery and Joffrey had a little flirtation this week as well, but it was icky. It’s obvious that Margery isn’t an idiot and knows what a sick and twisted person the King is, but she’s not only going to play along, she’s goading him into worse behavior. Is Sansa in trouble after confessing her hatred of the King, especially since not one of the Tyrell women looked at all surprised when she told them he was a monster?  I laughed out loud when she said this but then begged Margery to go ahead with the wedding. Maybe you should have just kept your mouth shut and left. Obviously, she was drugged by those lemon cakes.

However, it’s clear that the future Queen is in this game to win. The only question is how far is she willing to go?  Joffrey better wise up because the Tyrell’s aren’t playing. The fight for the iron throne has definitely taken an interesting twist.

At least Tyrion’s no longer depressed. Shae’s visit seems to have cheered him up a bit, although he spent most of the time assuring her that he isn’t the cheating type and he no longer sleeps with other prostitutes. He should have just said his father won’t let him sleep with any more whores.

Theon’s being tortured and I have no clue as to why he is or by whom. I’m hoping they’ll clear this up and tell us next episode. Otherwise, I’ll be lost.  Also, Theon screams like a girl.

And when is Cersei going to be back in fighting form? She seems to be taking a lot of crap from Joffrey lately. Where are all her zingers about how screwed up her kid is or how being a woman is all about your vagina? Come on! Give us something! I’m really hoping she’ll tell Margery the truth about her future husband as only she can.

The show is clearly laying the groundwork for things that are going to be happening in later episodes and if it’s at all like Season 2 and the culmination of the battle at Blackwater, then I can’t wait for next week to see what’s going to happen.


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