Top Ten Female Action Heroes


In The Blood Movie (2)

Top Ten Female Action Heroes

Editor’s Notes: In the Blood is now out in limited release. For our thoughts on the film, read John’s review (30/100).

 It’s easy when asked to think about female action heroes to quickly round up female superhero characters.  The abundance of classic and contemporary female superheroes, from Wonder Woman to Cat Woman, all comic book based, is relatively astonishing.  Female action heroes can be more than those endowed with super human powers.  The involvement of the female character in action genre films has unfortunately the same history as female characters in the horror genre.  Often the damsel in distress or the trophy prize for the hero, as far back as Greek mythology this has been the fate of the female in heroic tales, and this has remained relatively constant in feature films.  For me, a female action hero is somebody who ultimately demonstrates the traits of a hero figure and as this top ten shows, somebody who defies the genre standards and represents something unique within the genre’s expectations.

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