Top 10 Giant Monster Films



Top 10 Giant Monster Films

Editor’s Notes: Godzilla opens in wide release today, May 16th. Read our review (93/100) here

Excuse me while I get over excited at the ridiculous nature of giant monsters on screen.  As far as monster films go, things could only get better if you made that monster a giant monster.  These on screen nightmares and terrors are some of the most iconic and baffling creatures I’ve ever seen.  These beasts are set up as incomprehensible, unfathomable, indefinable giant things and often appear to be material sourced from cheese dreams by the looks of them.  Taken from nature and morphed into a giant unnatural version of the animals they represent.  These are kind of the premise of the Pokémon world gone very wrong.  Bringing fear and destruction with them everywhere they go, the giant monster genre is a masterful in its own intents.  Admittedly once I started racking my brain for the most amazing giant monsters I’ve seen over the years, it became really hard to be select about why I was picking certain ones.  I had to draw the line somewhere and there’s clearly another category for Jurassic Park in dinosaur films, and for Lake Placid in giant animal films, although the line is thinly drawn at times.  What defines a monster is important to this list of absurdities, each is defined a monster by their situation as much as their physical being.  The following are a mix of great films about giant monsters, terrible films featuring super sized monsters, and just great monster popcorn entertainment.

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  • Chris D. Misch

    A wonderful list of giant monster movies, Laura.

  • AdamKuntavanish

    Godzilla and King Kong are to be expected, but Mothra and The Host were inspired additions!

    Have you seen Daimajin and its sequels, about a giant statue that comes to life to protect a village? I included him (it?) on my Movie Monsters list from a few years ago: