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walking dead consumed

The Walking Dead, Season 5, Episode 6, “Consumed”

Sunday, November 16, 2014, 9 PM (EST), AMC

Death and rebirth were the running themes through tonight’s episode, Consumed. We catch up with Daryl and Carol as they go after the people that took Beth. We know based on the last couple episodes neither character would bite the dust, but that didn’t stop the tension from being there at times.

The opening scene of Rick dropping Carol off offered something we hadn’t seen in her for some time: a scared woman left alone. Carol went from one of the weakest characters in the show to arguably the strongest female role so this relapse is surprising. She still manages to get it together to check on the group when she sees the flames coming from the prison after the Governor’s attack.

There wasn’t much dialogue between Daryl and Carol as they made their way back to Atlanta. Carol is still reluctant to discuss what happened with her after the prison fell and she met up with Tyreese. Daryl doesn’t seem too concerned with the details, though asks her on a few occasions what she would’ve done if he didn’t show up at the car. Carol doesn’t seem to know either.

They do talk about their past, and how they got to where they are. Carol mentions how this world allows them to be reborn into something new, something they weren’t or couldn’t be before. She said before everything went to hell she would only be able to leave her husband for a few days before going back to him and getting abused worse than before. She knows she was weak then, and after Ed and Sophia died, she made herself new in the prison. Her rebirth took on a new meaning after she murdered Karen and David before burning their bodies when the flu spread throughout the prison. Rick leaving her allowed her to rise from the ashes again. Her comments about Daryl being a boy beforehand and now he’s a man seemed a bit machismo, but spot on at the same time. Daryl acted very young and immature when we first met him. He was second fiddle to Merle, and was lost without him. He was forced to grow up with Rick’s group and provide for others.

They meet up with Noah, who promptly steals their weapons and takes off after he escaped the hospital. Carol tries to shoot him, but Daryl stops her. She tries to rationalize she wasn’t going to kill him, but just injure him so they could get their stuff back. After escaping a group of zombies while trying to find clues about Beth’s whereabouts in an abandoned van, they make their way back and run into Noah again, though Daryl gets the jump on him and gets their stuff back after Noah is pinned under a bookcase. Daryl leaves him for a walker making its way in, but saves him at the last minute per Carol’s pleas. Noah shows them where Beth is, but not before Carol is hit by a couple of the police officers from the hospital and they take her away. I can’t imagine Carol will take Dawn’s orders without giving up a fight for long.

This setup seems like it’ll be an interesting one, as Daryl hints that he’ll bring Rick and company back to save Beth and Carol, along with Noah’s knowledge of the hospital. I guess we know who Daryl has with him in the bushes now from the ending of Four Walls and a Roof from a couple weeks back. With two episodes left before the mid-season finale, it’s likely the gang will be back together again before then.

[The Roundup]

  • Carol seemed ready to kill the mother/daughter zombies they found in the shelter, but Daryl took care of them and burned them. Was this out of respect to Carol as it probably made her think of Sophia and that she was in that same position once?
  • I’m surprised that the two of them came out relatively unscathed from dropping the van off the ledge.
  • On that same note, I was waiting to see how long until the bodies starting falling on top. The gore visual and sound effects were perfect.
9.0 Amazing

A dialogue-light episode, the focus on two of the show’s popular characters gave us a little more insight into Carol’s past, and how she’s transformed several times into the person she is today.

  • Amazing 9.0

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