Popular Movies That Have Landed In The Latest Online Casino Games


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When a movie catches on with consumers, it often becomes woven into pop culture. People see the movie on posters, tee-shirts, lunch boxes, coffee mugs and other types of merchandise. Popular movies become something to which everyone can relate, and people crave further exposure to the worlds seen on screen. The appearance of movies in online casino games is a natural extension of the desire for more experiences involving the characters and worlds. For people who enjoy playing the latest online casino games, movie themes are bound to be a hit for several reasons.

Familiar Characters

Something about the site of familiar characters can make an online game particularly engaging. Playing a game based on popular movies can have players reciting famous quotes, reliving seminal moments and enjoying new adventures with characters who are already beloved. Game designers understand the allure of characters that entertainment enthusiasts recognize and enjoy. When consumers feel a connection to a character and experience nostalgia for that character, there is a desire to find enjoyment in the character in new ways. An exciting new online game is one way to accompany familiar characters on new adventures.

Familiar Universes

Winter is coming, the dire warning heard in Game of Thrones, invokes a powerful association for movie and television fans. That phrase conjures memories of an entire universe the fans have enjoyed. When fans see one of the Game of Thrones casino games at Royal Vegas, that phrase is very likely to come to mind. By being reminded of something enjoyable, fans are going to be drawn to those games. Rather than play something with an unfamiliar theme, fans of the Game of Thrones series are more likely to play something that reminds them of what they enjoy.


Lovers of both comedy and online games share an enjoyment of whimsy and energy. The urge to laugh can be as strong while playing an online game as when watching a comedy. With games based on the movie Bridesmaids, for example, players enjoy online slots while they picture raucous antics and the funniest comedians of today. The feeling of laughter enhances the entertainment of the game. Online games based on comedic movies set the tone for levity and fun. Developers who hope to recreate these experiences in a game can turn to popular comedies for inspiration and a winning theme.

Science Fiction

If comedies bring excitement through laughter, science fiction brings excitement through possibilities. Movie fans worldwide wondered after the release of Jurassic Park, for example, if it was possible to create dinosaurs from fossilized mosquitoes. In a world where anything is possible, winning is made that much more of an enticing goal. Online slots that feature a Jurassic Park theme can have players reliving the wonders of dinosaurs while watching the reels spin and waiting for a jackpot.

Action and Adventure

Possibility and laughter are only two experiences that cinema fans can emulate in online games based on movies. The breathlessness of action and adventure can also increase the fun of casino games. Games such as those based on Terminator 2 bring the exhilaration and thrills of cyborgs to the rush of hoping for bonus spins. The audio and visuals in games such as this one can help to recreate the same titillation and sense of urgency as what was felt when viewing the movie.


Superhero movies often wrap action, adventure and science fiction into one cinematic experience that features an iconic protagonist. Fan favorite heroes and their amazing abilities stimulate the imagination. These elements are also engaging in a casino game. Players make that discovery while playing The Dark Knight Rises at Royal Vegas. The game represents another way to enjoy the rich universe created in the movie.

Nostalgia is a strong pull for fans of entertainment. This nostalgia permeates pop culture so thoroughly that it can even resonate with consumers who have not seen the popular movies themselves. The recognition of famous characters, timeless quotes and distinctive scenery can make online games even more fun to play for everyone. Live action casinos see lines of players anxious to enjoy games based on popular movies, and online games will naturally create just as much interest. Developers understand the draw, and they design their online games accordingly.



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