Wonder Woman: From Comics into the Real World


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Wonder woman is one of the DC Universe insanely popular character that continues to attract new fans and gain attention. This heroine is one of the most famous of all times.

Wonder Woman – who is she?

Wonder woman fights evil and promotes peace like every other super hero but also she is incredibly beautiful, smart and brave. Today Wonder woman is a character of numerous video games, cover girl for many magazines and comic books and the face from t-shirts. Countless dolls, comics, action figures were best sellers around the world since her appearance in 1941 and still continue to make profit.

Princess Diana, the real name of the Wonder Woman, belongs to Greek mythology as she is a part of the immortal Amazons, real feminist icon. After meeting pilot Steve Trevor and visiting the real world her adventures begin. Only real fans of super hero comics and movies are able to appreciate a real challenge of gambling online and can visit Casinority.com to experience the real thrill of addictive games.

As a superhero she has her own powers which include invulnerability, combat skills, super strength, superhuman agility, ability to fly. As a weapon this warrior princess uses indestructible bracelets, that able to absorb the impact of attacks, Lasso of Truth, that makes anyone captured to obey and tell the truth, sword and shield. Her first appearance is dated back to 1941 in All-Star Comics #8 and the character was created by William Moulton Marston and drawn by H.G.Peter. Later she received her own title.

The Movie

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Next year we are going to be able to appreciate this amazing warrior princess on big screens. Directed by Patty Jenkins and with Gal Gadot as Wonder woman this Fantasy-Adventure movie will see the world on June, 2017. This is the first big role of the Israeli beauty. Among other actors engaged in the process are Chris Pine, Lucy Davis, Robin Wright, Connie Nielsen etc. The budget of the film is $ 150 million.

The movie is based on the DC Comics superhero character Princess Diana, Wonder woman, and tells the story of her raised on an island to be a warrior and later journey to the real world with an American pilot.  Chris Pine will be playing Steve Trevor a love interest of Princess Diana.

Part of the movie will take place during the World War I and then jump to present days. We can also expect influence of Greek mythology as the history of Wonder woman begins during that ancient period of time.

The main antagonist is still unknown but rumor has it that we are talking about Ares, the Greek god of War.

DC Universe characters have millions of followers so without any doubt we can state that this movie will have a great success worldwide.



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