What we can expect from How to Train Your Dragon 3


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Dreamworks Animation recently gave movie fans reasons to be thankful when it was revealed that there is another How to Train Your Dragon movie on the horizon.

Although How to Train Your Dragon won’t be released until 18 May 2019, it looks to cement the series’ reputation as being one of the most popular and critically-acclaimed animated franchises.


Thankfully, it looks like the team at Dreamworks won’t be changing the formula of the franchise too much. This is because they’ve already signed up Dean DeBlois to once again take up the director’s chair, and although it’s rumoured to be his last involvement in the franchise, it’s still expected to be one of the year’s biggest movie hits.

Already fans have had their expectations for the movie raised when Dreamworks released details of the logline for the film. Once again, we can expect to see Hiccup the Viking aiming to create peace amongst the dragons, but with a new untamed dragon expected to create havoc in the community, it looks like we could be in for another wild ride!

The previous two How to Train Your Dragon movies have been massive box office smashes. With both earlier instalments racking up around half a billion dollars in revenues, the franchise has turned into multimedia operation with spin-offs in the form of television series and even video games for the Nintendo Wii, Sony PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

But it remains to be seen whether How to Train Your Dragon 3 will make the jump into the wildly successful mobile gaming realm. Currently the closest thing that fans of the series can get are the dragon-themed slots games at the Betway gaming site, and although they offer more slots than most casinos online, there will be mobile fans out there looking to play the role of Hiccup on their smartphones.

However, it looks like many of the cast will be returning to the franchise with Jay Baruchel signed up to play Hiccup, and America Ferrara playing the Viking’s fellow student, Astrid. And with the great news that T.J. Miller and Kristen Wiig will be returning as the troublesome twins, Tuffnut and Ruffnut, it looks like this could be yet another big money-spinner for Dreamworks.

But obviously these movies are all about the dragons, and with the action from the next movie centring about Toothless’ quest for a mate, it won’t just be those online slots that will be providing plenty of dragon-based action over the next few years.


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