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Are you a true devotee of gambling? If so, you will be interested in several facts about online casinos, which you most likely didn’t know about. Be that as it may, we are here to disclose all the secrets about online casinos and gambling.

Fact #1

The year of 1997 can be truly called epoch-making since during that time the first online casino called “Internet Casino System Version IV” appeared on the web. Thereat, no more than 10 thousand people around the world had access to the Internet, so the casino had very few customers. But who would then think that it will take about 10 years and the number of online casinos will exceed tens of thousands.

Fact #2

For a long time, Monte Carlo had the status of the European gambling capital. To date, many millionaires do not mind playing in a dwarf state casino. The problem is that there is no airport in the country, which in turn makes it difficult for gamblers to arrive at the state. You can get there by car, helicopter, or train. Here’s another interesting fact: residents of the state do not pay taxes and do not play casinos at all.

Fact #3

Cyprus can be called the country of online casinos. There about 2.5 billion euros a year are spent on gambling! This is simply incredible given the fact that there are only 800,000 people living in Cyprus. It turns out that each of them spends about 3125 euros a year!

Fact #4

Probably, everyone has heard about the thirty-seventh president of the United States. Richard Nixon has started his career owing to the game of poker. Before Nixon became a politician, he was a card cheater. In 1945, he won about three thousand dollars from his colleagues. To date, this is a small amount, but at that time it was a lot of money. Nixon invested the money he won in the election campaign, which allowed him to become a congressman in 1846.

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Fact #5

Lottery is considered the most popular kind gambling. It is played by 55% of the world’s inhabitants. Periodically people buy tickets to try their luck and win a big prize.

Fact #6

Today, 90% of players choose virtual gambling houses, and only 10% remain adherents of land-based casinos. Of all the players, only 33% are considered professionals. Interesting is the fact that people who most often are fond of gambling are those who are already over 30 years. At the same time, they spend in the online casino from 3 to 5 hours a day. Young people rarely pay attention to such rest.

Fact #7

The biggest win in an online casino has been received by a 40-year-old resident of Helsinki (the name is unknown). His winnings amounted to 17.8 million euros!


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