Author Adrian Charlie

I'm from Victoria BC and love watching films from all corners of the world. I'm fascinated by interpreting films and connecting with other film lovers. I love sharp, clever dialogue (QT), beautifully shot films (The Thin Red Line) and a filmmaker who trusts the audience to put it all together and leave room for discussion (PTA).

Victoria Film Festival 2013 Screen-Shot-2013-02-04-at-10.45.42-AM

2013 marks the 19th Annual Victoria Film Festival which takes place between February 1-10. This is my first year in attendance after catching the festival bug in 2012. VFF offers a variety of cinema from all corners of the World. This is the first of a three part series written in chronological order.


Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters is a sloppy mess. The performances resemble a first-time table read, the story lacks cohesion, and the action is boring. The film offers a promising start with a re-telling The Brothers Grimm tale of Hansel & Gretel. The wicked witch is scary, the make-up is exceptional and the tone is set for what could have been an entertaining film.

Special Edition

January is the bleakest time of the year at the movies. January is the month in which studios bury films like The Devil Inside and the Underworld franchise. There are remnants of great Oscar bait films from December, but newer wide releases typically offer little satisfaction.

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