Author Derek Deskins

Derek was the only engineer at Northeastern University taking a class on German film and turning a sociology research paper into an examination of Scorsese’s work. Now in Austin, TX, he blatantly abuses his Netflix account on the reg, although his List mocks him as it proudly sits healthily above 200. He continues to fight the stigma that being good at math means you are not any no good at writing. I good write, very much.

Film Festival the slippers 1

I have long held the belief that every person has their obsession. For some people it’s clothes, for others it’s cars; for me, it’s movies. My free time is filled with film: watching films, reading about films, and writing about films. I have never sat down and…

Reviews concussion 1

Bad movies happen. It’s an inevitability like the sun rising or Christmas decorations showing up before Thanksgiving. I used to get annoyed when I ended up seeing a mediocre to bad film. Unless you are meticulously curating…

Reviews the big short 1

Adam McKay has spent quite a while crafting a certain kind of cinematic expectation. The guy makes dumb movies. Well, let me correct slightly, he makes movies that focus on dumb people. His partnership with Will Ferrell has led to the type of films that get celebrated in dorm rooms around two in the morning. McKay knows his audience and more importantly he knows how to entertain them. Despite his cinematic output, I never…

News critic award

Awards season is about to get real. End of the year lists have already started to roll in and this week, shiny little statues will begin to be handed out to those films that you just might get around to seeing in like February or something. Us critics get all excited about this time of year, it’s that time when we are seemingly rewarded for slogging through months of reboots, sequels, and the just plain bad, with something much closer…

Reviews turbo kid 1

For a long time I’ve been sitting on the sidelines confused by this resurgence of faux nostalgia driven filmmaking. We’re not talking homages to inspirational films of yesterday but flat out repurposing of a spirit of…

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