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Now is about where the death threats will start coming in. Bare in mind all of these movies are well worth a watch, most of the residing among the finest animated pictures in history, and this ranking could not be more subjective. Grab your pitchforks, rally a mob and let’s revel in the miraculous brilliance of top-tier Pixar!

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Well…this won’t be controversial at all. In fairness, with a lineage as prestigious as Pixar’s 16-film run to date, the only possible ranking must be based on pure subjectivity. Ask anyone their favourite Pixar movie and you’ll have a long wait in store. These films have secured a firm place in popular consciousness that is all-but-unprecedented.

Reviews Spectre

With the arrival of every James Bond comes a wealth of expectation, speculation and anticipation. SPECTRE, however, has the near-impossible task of both following and expanding upon Skyfall, one of the character’s finest filmic adventures to date. Director…

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Suffragette should not feel as urgently relevant as it does. The film takes place largely in 1912 Britain, detailing the campaign for Votes for Women as the then-genteel movement -out of necessity or frustration, take your pick - morphed into something akin to terrorism. Yet, for its 100-year vintage, the film is only barely history; as a …

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Crimson Peak may just be the most audacious autobiography ever put to screen. Mexican maestro Guillermo del Toro’s fabulous fantasia of the uncanny stars Mia Wasikowska as an aspiring author in Victorian-era America whose novel is mocked as a ghost story. Her response, bemused by the world’s ambivalence to the macabre, is a statement . . .

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Everyone and their grandmother knows Ridley Scott has lost his way as of late. The once-great British auteur had become so focused on the stylistic aspects of his recent projects that he neglected narrative and allegorical impact that made his greatest work feel so vital. Last year’s Exodus: Gods and Kings was one of the absolute worst films released …

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Eventually, there will come a point when Nicolas Cage will no longer disappoint us. The Oscar-winner, whose previous work includes Adaptation, Leaving Las Vegas and…Con Air, has now seemingly committed himself to starring in some of the most incompetent…

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Nostalgia has a bad name nowadays. Too often framed as a cheap ruse employed by soulless corporations to manipulate backwards-looking audiences desperate to reconnect with their past, it’s become synonymous with laziness, apathy and cynicism. Ironic, then, to be reviewing Cameron …

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Another year; another Luc Besson production. The former king of 90s action cinema has since become Hollywood’s largest purveyor of middling-to-braindead trash, ranging from the puppyish stupidity of Lucy to the outdated white male fantasy of Taken. His latest act of career suicide: debut director ….