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In 2002, Russian auteur Aleksander Sokurov gifted the world Russian Ark, a miraculous tour through the last 300 years of his homeland’s rich history, told in a single, jaw-droppingly seamless shot. Sokurov’s Steadicam marvel roamed the halls of St Petersburg Museum with an astonishing cinematic viscera. His latest work, the moving, thoughtful and fervently original Francofonia, serves as a companion piece of …

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Jackie Boy, Cody Campanale’s electrifying feature debut, is an ingenious act of subversion that fully commits to a garish, off-putting opening which later reveals the true intention broiling beneath its stylishly nihilistic surface. We open to Jack (Alino Giraldi in his first narrative-film performance) in a small, reasonably quiet bar. He strikes an imposing, lumbering figure as flashes of neon radiate along his classically …

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For a humble critic like myself, there are few tasks as daunting than describing, let alone critiquing, an Apichatpong Weerasethakul film. His incredible body of work represents a deceptively simple bounty of riches, situated on an indistinct divide between woozy dreamscape and unfettered, at times brutal …

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There was a brief moment in the early 21st century when Sacha Baron Cohen was the most interesting, vital and provocative comedian on the planet. Through his cult sketch comedy Da Ali G Show, Cohen carved a niche out of outrageously inappropriate interactions with unsuspecting members of the British establishment. Next came the …

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Atlanta, Georgia. Broad daylight. The oppressive sun pervades the streets, as blinding as the interrogation lamp of many a past noir. A Special Forces truck invades the frame, parking aside a bank, before unleashing a kinetic tirade of misspent greed in the form of five desperate men without an option in sight. The ensuing robbery is presented in a blur …

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Ben Stiller’s Zoolander, released in 2001 to little fanfare, has since become a shining example of the bemusingly vast sub-genre: “smart comedies about dumb people”. Its lead character, a dim-witted male model given effortless charm by Stiller in his best work to date, may hold the IQ of an average …

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Playwright and novelist Alan Bennet has found a place in the hearts of millions, thanks to his brilliant skewering of British eccentricity and powerfully touching stories in such great works as Talking Heads, Getting On and the 2012 National Theatre hit People. His witty insights into the . . .

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Ever since the first trailer’s release late last year, one image from Star Wars: The Force Awakens has captured the public imagination like no other. Staggering through a snow-ridden woodland, Adam…

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In 1977, a young director by the name of George Lucas introduced Star Wars to an unsuspecting public. Little did he know that a nostalgic throwback to the sci-fi serials of the 30’s would have become such a global sensation; providing much-needed escapism in a dark time of history. Now titled A New Hope, it was almost singlehandedly …

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Now is about where the death threats will start coming in. Bare in mind all of these movies are well worth a watch, most of the residing among the finest animated pictures in history, and this ranking could not be more subjective. Grab your pitchforks, rally a mob and let’s revel in the miraculous brilliance of top-tier Pixar!

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