Author Kamran Ahmed

Kamran's areas of interest include formalism, realism & reality, affect, and notions of the aesthetic. With experiences as a TA, an event panelist, a presenter at conferences from UofT to Harvard, and a writer of a self-authored film blog, Kamran would like to share with others his profound interest in the profilmic in the hopes of inspiring, in them, a similar love for film.

Film Festival itsofw_101

Shot in black and white with much silence and cinematographic depth, Garrel’s In the Shadow of Women is an aesthetically pure three act take on romance, infidelity, and naked love. Simple and honest, perhaps to a fault, Garrel creates unembellished characters whose very human attributes are clear and unadorned. Their self-awareness does not…

Film Festival Hurricane_2015_1-1

A 3D film in the vein of Planet Earth, Hurricane traces the natural environment and how hurricanes come in contact with civilization. Focusing on Hurricane Lucy, the film uses a faux-poetic mode to personify the hurricane. A female voiceover allows the makers to film Lucy’s thoughts and ideas. A pseudo-philosophical concept used last year in Wim Wenders…

Film Festival invention_1-1

An exceptionally made silent avant-garde film, Invention uses slow motion and a meticulously controlled camera to channel the beauty of various structures, people, architecture, and roads in three cities: Toronto, Paris, São Paolo. The film’s gorgeous framing and vignette structure transcends cultural tropes, instead focusing on particular objects of artistic…

Film Festival chevalier_2-1

A comedy relying on a game between six men vying for the title “the best in general”, Tsangari’s Chevalier is a laudable comedic experiment which unfortunately doesn’t surmount anything particularly resonant beyond its novel entertainment. In almost Bunuel-esque form, the film presents a psychological drama which presents each character at…

Film Festival body_1-1

Exceptionally well shot and directed, Szumowska’s Body unfortunately conveys a weak script and plodding themes which fail to support meaning or any inherent worth. The film details the life of a dysfunctional father and daughter, who still grieve the loss of their matriarch. Expertly portrayed by Janusz Gajos, a celebrated Polish actor known worldwide for his…

Film Festival les-anarchists_1-1

A pleasant blue/grey colour palette with light filtration and post produced dimming is the best feature of The Anarchists, a film which only moderately looks and feels of its era. Set in 1899, the film chronicles the actions of a policeman who infiltrates a group of anarchists only to be swayed by their philosophies and seduced by their outspoken…

Film Festival rams_1-2

A sincere evocation of love, between estranged brothers and between man and beloved animal, Rams tells a sullen story of loss and desperation. Rivals for forty years, the brothers herd an ancestral sheep-stock considered the best of the nation. They compete for the honour of breeding the best ram, awarded for the animal’s loyalty and resilience and

Film Festival murmurofthehearts_1-1

Sylvia Chang’s Murmur of the Hearts is a deeply resonant poetic character study of three orphaned children who long for a forgotten childhood. As if a void is in their hearts, these characters wander the world as empty shells, trying to find their place and purpose and the people who will love them unconditionally. Two lovers, a boxer and artist, fail to…

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