Author Rowena Santos Aquino

Film lecturer at CSULB. Transnational, multilingual, migratory cinephilia.

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E J-yong’s latest film addresses quite possibly every other marginalised community/identity and taboo yet pressing social issues that exist in contemporary South Korea. He accesses these identities and issues through a frank portrait of a woman in her mid-sixties, So-yeong, who is a prostitute; the only …

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Hong Kong International Film Festival’s omnibus ‘Beautiful’ series consists of four short films directed by four different filmmakers. This year’s series was helmed by (following the order of their films’ appearances) Nakata Hideo, Alec Su, Stanley Kwan, and Jia Zhangke. As with any omnibus film, the entire work runs the risk of being inconsistent …

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Made by renowned artist Ai Weiwei and his filmmaking team, Ping’an Yueqing begins with Qian Shunnan in his sparse home, crying out simultaneously praises of the Chinese Communist Party and calls for an investigation of and revenge for his son Qian Yunhui’s death. In 25 December 2010, in the eastern city of Yueqing of Zhejiang Province, village …

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Taking the form of the subgenre of the backstage musical, documentarian Ruby Yang follows a group of high school students, school administrators, and music faculty in Hong Kong as they prepare a musical show. Not surprisingly, the path that leads to the end-of-summer performance is anything but smooth or easy. Lest one think that the film …

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