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Jane the Virgin jane the virgin 1.13

Jane takes every decision she makes seriously, weighing the needs and desires of everyone involved in order to do the right thing. Faced with a possible pregnancy complication during her 20 week ultrasound, she’s forced into emotional turmoil eclipsing what she went through while deciding whether or not to proceed with the pregnancy itself.

Television togetherness 1.4

What’s frustrating me about Togetherness is how it lacks originality and creativity when it comes to the two romantic storylines. I may be biased because one of my favorite shows is Tell Me You Love Me and to this day no other show has come close to its prowess in examining intimate relationships.

Broad City broad-city-knockoffs

Anyone who knows me knows that my mom is best friend, so I have a high standard for the way mother-daughter relationships are portrayed on screen. In Knockoffs, Ilana’s grandmother has died so Ilana is spending the day with her mother Bobbi.

Broad City broad city 2.3

“Wisdom Teeth” is a perfect episode of Broad City. When Lincoln takes out Abbi’s wisdom teeth, Ilana attempts to take care of her during her recovery. Although she tries her best to be responsible, all hell breaks loose in the most absurd ways.

Television togetherness 1.3

As of this third episode, Togetherness is still a pretty typical sitcom, with each installment focusing on a separate event. Each episode has slightly escalated from the past, but only three characters have experienced any growth so far.

Broad City broad-city-recap_612x380

Abbi and Ilana’s effortless and infectious affection for each other is the beating heart of Broad City, and this week we see them on a movie date fueled by a free movie ticket scheme. They see multiple movie,s bring their own snacks hidden in built-in compartments of their jackets, and disturb their neighbors because of how much more fun they’re having than everyone else.

Jane the Virgin JANE-THE-VIRGIN_612x380

Coming off Gina Rodriguez’ inspiring Golden Globes win and acceptance speech representing “a culture who want to see themselves as heroes,” I was eager to return to the wacky and wonderful world of Jane the Virgin. The narrator continues his effervescent and useful commentary.

Television togetherness handcuffs

Togetherness wasted no time testing the bonds of this makeshift family. When we met Brett, Michelle, Alex, and Tina last week, they had all begun to face the great disappointments of their lives. Brett and Michelle had stopped having sex, Tina was back to square one of the dating game, and Alex had been evicted due to his unsuccessful acting career.

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