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Black-ish blackish 1.16 alt2

It’s Andre and Rainbow’s 15 year anniversary and they want to celebrate by bringing all of their family together for a vowel renewal ceremony. We’ve already met (and fallen in love with) Andre’s parents Pops and Ruby, but this week we get to meet Rainbow’s parents as well.

Television togetherness 1.7

“Party Time” is probably the best episode of the season for its emotional honesty, but the season is still struggling to cohere. It’s unclear how much time has passed since Brett met Linda last week, but she’s already had a profound impact on his life.

Black-ish blackish the dozens

After the oldest Johnson kid Zoey had an entire episode to herself, Junior gets his turn. Andre overhears in the morning carpool that Junior’s being bullied at school. Since Andre was bullied himself as a teenager, he figures out that he can help Junior defend himself.

Black-ish blackish 1.14

This week, Blacki-ish tackles interracial dating when Zoey starts dating a white French boy named Andre. At first, it’s clear that her dad Andre Johnson has problems accepting him because he’s white, but his coworkers make matters even worse by insinuating that he’s likely to be very sexual because he’s French.

Television togetherness 1.5

After last week’s depressing and disappointing episode, I was looking forward to a chance for the show to get back to what it does best: relatable silliness. There’s a fair bit of fun to be had with this episode as Michelle and company play a heated game of kick the can with strangers.

Broad City broad city 2.5

Sometimes Broad City can get just a little too specific. Many of the jokes this week didn’t land for me, like I wasn’t in on some hilarious joke everyone else knows about. On paper, it sounded hilarious – Abbi and Ilana wander all over the city trying to find the perfect party or as Ilana put it the “Narnia of Partias.”

Black-ish blackish big night big fight

So far, some of the strongest Black-ish episodes have been for holidays, such as the Halloween one. However, this Valentine’s one was unnecessarily acidic and mean-spirited. Andre uses World War I as an extended analogy for his Valentine’s day struggle with Rainbow.

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