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Well it certainly didn’t take long to get down to brass tacks.

Just over a week after the Oscar nominations were announced, we jump straight to one of the chief Best Picture indicators. Tomorrow night, January 23rd, the Producers Guild of America (PGA) holds its annual awards ceremony, and the evening will be capped – as it always is – with the presentation of …

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One week down, five more to go.

Also, one Charlotte Rampling out, four more still in the running.

There has been far too much circulating in the Oscar sphere in just the last 6 hours to adequately give credence in this space, which is just about tracking the race in terms of winner predictions. I’d say the …

Projection: Oscar Spotlight

The Director’s Guild of America announced nominations for its 68th annual awards today, and the grouping was about as predictable as can be. In fact, I did predict it…along with about 2,000 other Oscar bloggers/pundits/obsessives over social media this morning, lest you think I was getting a big head. The list also lines up 5-for-5 with my most current predictions for the Best Director category at the Oscars.

Projection: Oscar The Martian

Here we are, just a week away from the announcement of the Oscar nominations. And the race is about as crowded and confusing as ever. As industry guild nominations start to filter in, we can begin to get a legitimate feel for how the Oscar nomination vote might go down, since we are finally getting glimpses of what each industry discipline is celebrating…

Projection: Oscar The Big Short

Welcome to 2016. In other words, welcome to the last two months of the Oscar race. We are a week away from the transition from Phase One, where we grouse about which films and performances can squeeze into those narrow Oscar categories, into Phase Two, where we still grouse, but at least the field is set…

Projection: Oscar Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 11.50.25 PM

Every contending movie has debuted. Screeners are circulating, FYC screenings are happening, the critics are sounding off, and the first industry guild – the Screen Actors Guild – announces its nominations tomorrow. Critics Group choices indicate a somewhat open race. The forthcoming SAG nominations will provide some early …

Projection: Oscar Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 9.46.48 PM

We are, without question, off to the races. In the last six days, six different critics organizations have announced the winners of their year-end awards, thus formally jumpstarting the annual onslaught of national, international, and most specifically regional awards that will send us all into Phase One overload and foster enough storylines to keep us guessing about the state of the …

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