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In the wake of two stellar and powerful animated films so far this year, The Lego Movie and How to Train Your Dragon 2 comes Big Hero 6, an unexpectedly fun and poignant film that easily straddles the line between character piece and action film, much like The Incredibles did 10 years ago. In fact, that’s not the only Pixar influence to this …

NP Approved interstellar

Few filmmakers can command $150 million budgets with minimal studio interference. Even fewer filmmakers can command $150 million budgets and make films not based on preexisting properties or adaptations. After co-writing and directing the Dark Knight trilogy…

Reviews The-Book-of-Life-Movie

For the last 19 years, animation has been held to the Pixar standard, which is not an easy bar to hit, even for Pixar on occasion. Some other studios produce films up to that standard, like DreamWorks, but often they fall flat or just hit a mildly entertaining note. The Book of Life does manage to make it above mildly entertaining …

Reviews Street-bikes2

When Jeremy (Sebastian Armesto) brings his British fiancée Jennifer (Olivia Grant) along on a European trip to search for the extended family of his best friend William (Gethin Anthony), he surely didn’t expect it to trigger fits of jealousy and resentment in William. “She sucks,” William says about Jennifer, “And not in a good …

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Laika Entertainment’s latest effort, The Boxtrolls follows in the footsteps of its other feature length films such as Corpse Bride, Coraline, and ParaNorman in that it takes a topic that is fairly dark and unsettling and makes it into wonderful entertainment for kids. It’s also got deeper meanings for the parents in the audience if they’re …

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Toronto International Film Festival is known for its programming of numerous awards contenders, but there are other lesser known films kicking around amongst those heavy hitters. Like so many other…

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The first of two films (the second being Joi Baba Felunath, reviewed here) directed by Satyajit Ray that follow his own Sherlock Holmes’esque literary creations, detective Feluda and his companions Topshe and Jatayu, Sonar Kella is filled with mystery and intrigue accessible to all ages as it travels through ancient cities and the ruins of …

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Satyajit Ray enters the realm of childhood fantasies with Joi Baba Felunath, crafting a detective story that incorporates elements from Hindi faith with its rich tapestry of supernatural figures that a younger Ray may have found as engrossing as his heroes from comics and pulp novels. Joi Baba Felunath is the second film to feature …


Cars and Cars 2 might be the least popular entries in Pixar’s remarkable filmography, but they prove that there may be more to a film’s success than just critical approval and box office revenue. The Cars franchise contributes far more in merchandising than in home media (Blu-Ray, DVD, etc), making sequels and/or spin-offs all but inevitable. Yet Disney…

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