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Reviews Tokyo-Ga

Tokyo-Ga (1985), Wim Wenders’ documentary of his trip to Japan in search of the world as seen in the films of famed director Yasujirô Ozu, was described by Vincent Canby on its American premiere as a “small but important film.” Thirty years on, with greater access to Ozu’s films and the expansion of Wenders’ own…

NP Approved Hitchcock Truffaut

It’s not uncommon to see a documentary made about a legendary filmmaker or author or major historical figure. It is, however, uncommon to see a documentary made about a book. Granted this book, Hitchcock/Truffaut, was written by legendary filmmaker François Truffaut and was the culmination of the…

Reviews Swift Current

Sexual abuse is, no doubt, difficult to address as subject matter, especially in a documentary. If one presents solely firsthand accounts from victims, and nothing else, the viewer will be disturbed, but won’t feel compelled or informed. Not only that, interviewing those victims for the film would only make them relive past horrors…

Reviews This Changes Everything

As a documentary, This Changes Everything (Avi Lewis) is first and foremost intended to spread awareness. This is integral to the film’s content, which deals with environmental changes and man’s relation with nature. In its measure to spread awareness, it aims to engender in the viewer a shift in their way of thinking, which…

NP Approved Listen to Me Marlon

It would be incredibly easy to construct a documentary about Marlon Brando that highlights his infamous hard-headedness on set, his insatiable appetite and the invaluable contribution he made to modern acting. Stevan Ridley includes these and other things in…

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