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Bad movies happen. It’s an inevitability like the sun rising or Christmas decorations showing up before Thanksgiving. I used to get annoyed when I ended up seeing a mediocre to bad film. Unless you are meticulously curating…

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One of the major controversies headed into the 2014 Sochi Olympics in Russia, was concern for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender athletes. In June 2013, President Vladimir Putin signed a bill into law that aims to protect children from the “alternative” ways of the LGT lifestyle that could harm “normal” family values. As a result of the law, there was uncertainty…

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The Iditarod is not only a challenging word to spell but a wholly incredible race. An over 1,000-mile long dog sled race across treacherous and freezing landscapes, where the racer has to rely only on himself, his dogs, and the kindness of strangers. While the clothing and equipment may improve, the value system and the beguiling simplicity of the race’s description remains constant. Lance…

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Golf prodigy and incurable hayseed Augie (Jeremy Sumpter) is just hanging around his small Southern town, playing cross-country golf and throwing coins on porches, when a flashy professional gambler known only as Riverboat (Christopher McDonald) wanders into his life. Riverboat sizes Augie up and senses a fine hustling opportunity. With the help of his lady friend Jessie (Katherine LaNasa) and a stack of hundred dollar bills, Riverboat convinces Augie to ….

Reviews manny-pacquiao-the-movie

What is perhaps most palpable in their documentary is the respect that co-directors Gast and Moore have for their subject, world-record holder Philippine boxer Manny Pacquiao. They present an informal (since it is by no means an exhaustive) biography of a man who is a fighter, in boxing as well as in life; an individual who has known struggles growing …

Reviews Unbroken

The inspirational story at the centre of the often times harrowing Unbroken has almost been overshadowed by the presence of the director at the helm. Having been directed by one of Hollywood’s hottest properties has almost distracted from this true story of the endurance of human strength and spirit. Despite a trailer campaign …

Berlinale 2014 thesecondgame_2014_1

Porumboiu is, without the shadow of a doubt, my favourite representative of Romania’s celebrated New Wave. His brilliant 12:08 East Of Bucharest (2006), a tremendously sharp but unassuming dry comedy in which a local television host invites a guest line-up to look back at the events of the 1989 Romanian revolution, is perhaps my pick of the bunch. That film’s whole set-up is something of a satirical farce, the show’s guests bicker incessantly about minor details that may or may not even be relevant. In The Second Game, Porumboiu substitutes the depiction of a fictional experiment on memory with a real-time recording of a similar endeavour in which the director participates alongside his father.

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The wait has been exceptionally long, but the new trailer for Foxcatcher, let’s us know just how close general audiences are to seeing what looks like a terrifying Steve Carell. A full…

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To most, The Color of Money and 1992’s Cape Fear represent Martin Scorsese’s most unfulfilling works and are often glossed over or even forgotten when discussing his work. Now, while I feel that Scorsese has never made a bad movie, Cape Fear came pretty close (and those that do not appreciate the quiet beauty of The Age …

NIFF 2014 boy_military_classic

The documentary is a narrative which tells the story of Manipur, a north-eastern Indian state trying to heal itself through the American game of baseball. Manipur has had a long history of conflicts with the Indian army which has resulted in the martial law. This martial law gives Indian army the liberty to arrest anyone who could be a part of …

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