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With A Clockwork Orange (1971), Stanley Kubrick crafted what is now a most iconic, infamous, and oft referenced depiction of violence. Based on the same-titled book by Anthony Burgess, Kubrick brought to vision what the author once fostered in the American imagination. A film, like so many of Kubrick‘s others, which …

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At one point in Diao Yinan’s third feature film, the camera presents the point of view of a car that is reaching the end of a tunnel. The year is 1999. A thick snow covers the road. To the right of the lane are a parked motorcycle and a man slumped on a block of cement. The camera with the car’s point of view passes him by.

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After years of independently produced shorts and films, Stanley Kubrick would turn a chance meeting with a movie producer over a game of chess into what Roger Ebert called the director’s “first mature feature:” The Killing (1956). A fractured, late-cycle film noir, The Killing may have been ignored at the box office, but it …

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Governments are funny things, these large looming figures of power that oversee an entire populace. I can’t recall a time when a government was spoken of favorably. The conversation always centers on what the government has done wrong or how it is mistreating its people. They are sort of like…

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Lou Bloom (Jake Gyllenhal) is a demented shell. He’s a petty thief and crazy lonely man whose educated himself through motivational speaker rhetoric. One night he happens upon a freelance news cameraman (Bill Paxton) zooming into a car crash. Fascinated by the lure of big bucks and success, Bloom pawns a stolen bike in return for a cheap camera thus beginning his new…

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Sometimes life hits you with a bunch of complicated shit when all you really want to do is spin a Neil Young record and roll another number. Inherent Vice is a film about that feeling. It’s about other things, too: capitalism, counterculture, California. It’s also about how much Paul Thomas Anderson, the film’s director …

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A little remembered ‘80s TV series staring a barely remembered actor would seem like a relatively poor candidate for a big-screen revival, but that didn’t stop the producers behind Denzel Washington’s latest movie-star effort, The Equalizer. With his Training Day director, Antoine Fuqua (Olympus Has Fallen, Brooklyn’s …

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The very existence of Good People is confusing. Its cast list is littered with a slew of demographic pleasing names. Kate Hudson for the romantic comedy…

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The foundation of The Tribe will intimidate and shock audiences. The film is shot with an all-deaf cast with no acting experience and there are no subtitles to tell you what they’re saying. Accept the premise and the content as a challenge to enhance your love of cinema. It would be reckless to dismiss this as a gimmick. The Tribe works because of the skillful direction of Miroslav…

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