TV Recap: Psych: S.E.I.Z.E The Day, (8.2)


Psych - Season 8

January 15th, 2014, 9PM, USA Network

We return to Santa Barbara and the SBPD this week, and we get to see Juliet and Lassiter in their new positions in the department; Juliet has taken Lassiter’s old job as head detective and deals awkwardly with the pressure of balancing Lassiter’s feelings and her own pride in her position…for the mighty Lassiter is now a beat cop.

Lassiter suffers from a lack of attention and material reward with Trout, who prefers to hog the limelight and the credit for every bust his squad makes. Just when things seem their most dire, Lassiter receives some amazing news from his wife…news that turns the fearless, gun-loving Lassiter into a fearful, cautious flatfoot. His state of mind grows more tenuous when someone tries to assassinate Trout and he grows determined to solve the case – which turns into a string of murders of some not-so-very nice Californians.

Meanwhile, Shawn decides to supplement his income by becoming a life coach, hawking the “S.E.I.Z.E The Day” Program. In the process of advising Lassiter, he comes under the mistaken impression that Lassie’s about to die, info he spreads to Jules and Gus. This creating a great deal of confusion as they race against the clock to solve the case.

S.E.I.Z.E The Day is an effortlessly charming episode, aided in a great way by Timothy Omundson’s tender but tough Carlton Lassiter. Making him the focal point of Psych’s action always seems to bring out the show’s best, as seen in the nervy horror homage “Heeere’s Lassie”, and this episode is no exception but his problem – much like the show – has matured appreciably. Though traces of the gun-happy Lassiter of old remains, the character has also grown over eight seasons into a caring partner and husband, and friend; it’s wonderful to see him take another, permanent step away from the loneliness that plagued him in the show’s early seasons.

And Juliet: as tough and wise as she is – perhaps isn’t truly equipped to live a life as head detective. Too gentle and perhaps too sensitive of the feelings of others – just as she was when she was first introduced. Jules has grown up a little more, too, but she hasn’t changed as radically – but she remains tough and bright, and the show does well in charting her progress from rookie to queen of the SBPD.

The episode’s most surprising facet is the way it used Henry Spencer. For the first time in ages, he has a heart-to-heart with Lassiter and it’s really wonderful to pay witness to it.

The supporting players are also wonderful, with Anthony Michael Hall doing his damndest to make Trout watchable. He succeeds in giving the paranoid, egocentric character a fun presence, but too much of him will likely wear out his welcome. But he still deserves kudos for trying.

S.E.I.Z.E The Day is touching and, y’know what? Due to a major plot twist, it’s a must-see episode of the series. In fact, I can’t even conjure yp any real negatives aside from Trout behaving as the irritation he’s supposed to behave as. An excellent one, worth rewatching.

  • Anthony Michael Hall returns as Trout.
  • Kristy Swanson returns as Lassiter’s true love and wife, Marlowe.
  • How great was it to have a Lassiter/Henry scene? Lovely to see them spend time together
  • Next week: the cast remakes the season 3 episode “Cloudy, Chance of Murder” as “Cloudy with a chance of improvement.”
[notification type=star]95/100 ~ AMAZING. A sweet, tender and funny episode.[/notification]

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