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With Gus settling into a new office job, Shawn’s yearning for a stable life with Juliet grows stronger. He decides to move to San Francisco to be with her and close down Psych, but can’t bring himself to tell Gus the truth and looks for the kindest way to sever their bond. Opportunity presents itself when Lassiter and Betsy request Psych’s help solving the murder of a hit man, but as they come together to solve the case Shawn just can’t find the right opportunity to broach the topic.

Psych Psych Nightmare

Afraid he’s been dumped by his latest girlfriend and still grappling with the multiple recent changes life has brought him (Juliet’s move, Betsy’s being part of the team, his recently quitting his job) and its resultant loneliness, Gus has a hard time coping with the changes in his life. His angst manifests in a series of terrible, zombie-filled dreams that are so severe Shawn is driven to find help for him in the form of a hack dream expert (Bruce Campbell, Burn Notice and the Evil Dead series). But what Ashford Simpson finds hidden deep within Gus’ psyche might throw a major wedge between Shawn and Gus.

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Shawn and Gus are invited to a prestigious paranormal convention for police consultants, for the first time in all of their years…of playing paranormal psychic consultants. When the keynote speaker, note Parapsychologist Professor Sky Stein, is murdered, they must rely on the skills of their fellow consultants - a woman who believes she has magical powers and a man who consults with the help of the ghost of his former partner Bernie (played by Community’s Yvette Nicole Brown and comic/actor/former husband of Rosanne Barr Tom Arnold, respectively), as well as those of Lassiter’s new partner, the steel hand in a silk glove that is the extremely wholesome Betsy Branigan (Oscar winner Mira Sorvino) - to solve the crime. With suspects including Randall Fishbeck, Stein’s assistant, and James Earl Craig, a former SBPD consultant determined to restore his tarnished-by-Stein reputation, Shawn and Gus must probe into the nebulous world of their fake compatriots while trying to figure out who’s for real and who’s just playing.

Psych Psych - Season 8

The owner of Shawn and Gus’ favorite taco truck, Mauricio’s Tacos, is murdered. The manipulate Lassiter into letting them take the case over – mostly so he can help Marlowe prepare for the birth of their child and concentrate on the (unnecessary in his opinion) parenting classes they’re taking. A whole host of rival food truck drivers, a Spanish restaurant owner, and a gym owner present themselves as suspects – but Shawn and Gus are distracted by the dazzling world of food, the hope of making “Mashable” into a success, and a series of bank robberies, which they try to connect to Mauricio’s murder. As they close in on the killer, their problems collide, and they have to deal with a hungry Marlowe, a gloating Lassie and an apologetic Henry at the same time. The entire plan is turned upside down when her water breaks in the middle of it all.

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Karen Vick calls the gang together to announce that she’s taking a better job in San Francisco. She then gives Carlton a recommendation to take her place as Chief, but the Mayor has no interest in placing the head detective in that position. Desperate to take the vacant slot, Lassiter leads a round-the-clock investigation into the death of the Mayor’s uncle, reporter Archie Baxter, to butter him up. Lavish flashbacks tell us all about Baxter (played by Tim Omundson), who stakes out a nightclub in the hope of breaking a story about major corruption within the SBPD. Though the chief (Kurt Fuller) refuses to listen to Baxter’s evidence, he decides to prod deeper into the foul goings on at the Limelight, a club owned by police-connected gangster Rodney Caruso (James Roday) where he spotted two police officers getting drunk while on-duty. There, r&b singer Myles Velour (Dule Hill) performs and he – under threat of blackmail thanks to a gambling problem and a secret affair – is Caruso’s secret stooge. Caruso’s icy girlfriend Scarlett Jones (Maggie Lawson) is the club’s all seeing, all knowing eyes – and once she gets a bead on Baxter’s true purpose for being at the club the real trouble starts.

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It’s apt and yet ironic too to open on a shot of breezy plains set to the rustic sound of a Native American flute: Jimmy P.: Psychotherapy of a Plains Indian is a film awash with Americana in all its ugly detail. Like the French analyst who arrives in the Midwest, progressive tactics in tow, to get to the bottom of an Indian war veteran’s issues, director Arnaud Desplechin brings to his subject a cultural distance to—he hopes, at least—allow him the insight a native knows not. But isn’t even that idea—of American nativity as a trait that can be claimed by anyone but the eponym and his people—a little absurd in itself?

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At Shawn’s insistence, a stressed-out Gus accompanies him to a crime scene. They’re – as usual – the last two men that Lassiter wants to see, and he told Shawn to stay away (“I saved your wedding!” Shawn had cried, to no avail). The victim, John Russell, has a lifestyle that’s almost exactly like the one Gus enjoys, which forces him to reevaluate his job as a cog in a large corporate machine and his life as Shawn’s sidekick. He adopts a tough new persona and starts flirting with the mysterious bounty hunter who’s attached herself to the same case while searching for John’s murderer, and their chemistry leaves Shawn feeling like a third wheel. Meanwhile, Shawn deals with money problems. Henry’s finally refused to pay for the insurance on Shawn’s motorcycle and he desperately need cash – which Lassiter refuses to loan to him and Juliet – being out of town – cannot give to him. He spends much of the episode searching for a side job. He also deals poorly with Gus’ new, aggressive personality.

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