TV Recap: Psych, “Somebody’s Got a Woody,” (8.4)



January 29th, 2014, 9PM, USA Network

While examining a body, coroner Woody Strode is taken hostage by the partner-in-crime of the recently committed corpse. While Woody tries to negotiate his own freedom, Trout and the rest of the team try to reach the criminal and secure Woody’s release on their own terms. Trout’s half-baked ideas brings him into conflict with Juliet, and they fail to generate a rescue for the Woodman. It’s then up to Gus, Shawn (who has to surmount a few extra obstacles to get behind enemy lines), Lassiter and Juliet to strike out on their own and rescue their odd friend.

This week’s Psych is a tour-de-force for James Roday and Dule Hill, both of whom get to try on multiple costumes and multiple voices as the Psych boys try to get Woody free. Shawn finally settles into a somewhat offensive Latino gangster persona for the majority of the episode, one that’s only ameliorated by the fact that Roday himself is partly Hispanic. Thankfully, the show points out how atrocious this impression is, and the rest of the episode is a ton of fun to watch.

Much of SGAW’s frivolity hinges on the talents of the wonderful Maggie Lawson, whose Juliet O’Hara steps forth to become a force of both badassery and embarrassed frustration. She plays both to a hilt and is the episode MVP. But every single player in the general ensemble steps forth and is allowed a solid, well-acted moment of humor that works beautifully in the scheme of the episode.

psych-someones-got-a-woody-shawn-gus-cheeseAnother source of great humor is Anthony Michael Hall, whose Trout provides a ridiculous counterpoint to the determined Juliet and Lassiter and is a deadpan enfant terrible who manages to make the hostage crises even more volatile. Trout is all about punishing the perp, and it doesn’t care who he hurts in the process. He’s a horrifying delight of a character, and his presence will be missed.

There are a lot of jokes that land in this episode, and land with all the accuracy of a dart thrown at top speed. It’s a bright, quick, funny display of the main cast’s prowess, and quite an enjoyable romp. This episode’s opening montage, in which Shawn and Gus try to stir up their own mock-controversy via cases including puppets and hot dogs, is Psych at its lunatic brilliant best.

The episode lays the humor on thickly, but if it weren’t for the strong web of affection the characters, we wouldn’t care. And we do care, a lot, about what happens in ‘Somebody’s Got a Woody”. Thankfully the series is a punchy, warm and wonderful continuation of the theme of unity that has hung over this season. Psych has become a warm show about a bunch of misfits who have learned how to get along beautifully. It’s like watching a family grow up and form – a true testament to the writing and acting staffs. Watch this one, you’ll have fun.

The Roundup

  • Yes, Juliet does take Shawn shoe shopping.
  • We learn that Woody has an adult daughter.
  • And Thus Exunts Trout. Can’t he have a twin mying about? I’m not ready to lose Anthony Michael Hall.
  • Next week: While investigating a man who has replicated Gus’ life within his own, Gus becomes enamored of a fetching PI who’s also Investigating the man in “Cog Blocked”.

[notification type=”star”]90/100 ~ AMAZING. A funny, sprightly episode.[/notification]


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