Top 5 Fictional Movie Bands



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5. Sex Bob-omb

The other bands on this list use their music for various allegorical and symbolic reasons, but Scott Pilgrim and Sex Bob-omb actually have to fight evil with the power of their rocking.

Scott and his friends are called into an alternate video game dimension of their own Canadian hipster reality to fight the super-powered ex-boyfriends of his new girlfriend, Ramona Flowers. His punk trio Sex Bob-omb use their fuzzy decibels as physical strength.

Musicians are not often known for their physical prowess, so it was a very attractive fantasy in Edgar Wright’s 2010 movie for creative individuals to use their guitars as swords. Never has a battle of the bands been so literal and with such visceral stakes.

Sex Bob-bomb starts off my list of best movie bands because of their raw, unrelenting energy (I would love to go to an actual Sex Bob-omb show), their hip sensibilities, and wicked sense of humor. Michael Cera fits into the role of Scott like a glove and has some great stage moves wailing on his bass.

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