Top 10 Science Fiction/Action Films



Editor’s Notes: Edge of Tomorrow opens this Friday in wide release. For our thoughts on the film, read Mel’s review (85/100).

Tom Cruise’s latest addition to the science-fiction/action genre, Edge of Tomorrow, opens this weekend, so what better than now, than today (and tomorrow) to visit and/or revisit other entries in the genre, some even with Cruise.

By their nature, lists, all lists, are arbitrary, guided by the selector’s prejudices, bias, and preferences. This list isn’t any different, but hopefully it’ll provide readers with some choices they haven’t thought about or thought about in quite the way described below. Rules or principles that went into the selection: (1) No franchises or at least no sequels or spinoffs (with one notable exception, below), (2) no comic-book adaptations (mostly because if we did include them, the list would be overrun with comic-book adaptations), and (3) true or as close to true genre hybrids, science-fiction/action films that split their time more or less evenly between the two genres.

Without further ado – and in no particular order (except preference) – here’s the list.

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  • Steve Kasan

    another Schwarzenegger classic, Total Recall quite ground-breaking if you really think of what they did. Surprised you showed love for Tron: Legacy — which I really enjoyed — the idea with the Isos really grabbed me