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Scandal, Season 4, Episode 1, “Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia”

Sept 25, 2014, 10:00p.m. (EST), City TV

Scandal is back and had picked up to where it ended in season three, in the best way.

Where did Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) fly off to at the end of Season Three? No other than to a beautiful deserted island where she believed no one could find her. Filling her time with drinking the best red wine and keeping busy with Jake (Scott Foley). She is now going by the name Julia.

But what has everyone else been up to back at Washington? That is what this episode is really about.

One of the Gladiators, Harrison (Columbus Short), has been shot to death. This was one question many fans had been wondering since the season three Finale this past Spring. It is ultimately a letter, which contains a newspaper clipping about the murder, sent by Quinn (Katie Lowes) to Olivia on the deserted island that forces Olivia to get on a plane back to Washington and plan the funeral.

Quinn has been keeping busy trying to track down Olivia since she left, unlike Huck (Guillermo Diaz) who is now an employee at a computer tech store at the ‘smart’ bar. He has also changed his name. “I am Randy, Randy the smart guy,” says Huck to Olivia. It’s refreshing to see that all of these characters over the past seasons have not changed, they are still as lovable and at times as irritable as they always have been.

Libby (Darby Stanchfield) is now working in the White House and is referred to as Red by everyone and is told nothing about what is going on behind closed doors. She is treated in the complete opposite way than Olivia when working in the same position.

Inside the White House, not much has changed. Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) is still running the country under Cyrus’ influences and Cyrus (Jeff Perry) is just as paranoid and angry as he has been since season one episode one. The only person that has changed inside the most powerful house in America is Mellie (Bellamy Young). Who, instead of being the demanding and annoying character she is now the grieving mother who only wear pajamas everywhere she goes, and hasn’t shown up to one public appearance.

These characters lives have changed since Olivia has gone ‘missing’, and once there is news of her return everything turns into how it has always been. Olivia gets tracked down to help someone in need…again, all the Gladiators get back…again, only this it’s for the funeral of Harrison, the Cyrus is freaking out about how her return will affect the President, and Fitz, well let just say that Olivia still makes a mess of him.

What most fans have been waiting for is the love triangle between Olivia, Jake and Fitz. For those fans who have waited, this episode did not disappoint. As Jake was trying to make love to Olivia she interrupts him leading to an argument which Jake states that he knows as long as they are in Washington, Fitz will always be on her mind. Then he goes on to talk about how well he pleases her and how Fitz could never do it that well.

This was a great start to the fourth season of Scandal, leaving no questions from the season three finale unanswered, and we can expect it to only get better from here. The show is staying true to its roots and fans, which is why if you have been there since day one, continue watching. For those who haven’t seen Scandal yet, what are you waiting for?


This was a great start to the Fourth Season of Scandal, leaving no questions from the Season Three Finale unanswered, and we can expect it to only get better from here.

  • GREAT 8.8

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