How To Get Away With Murder, “It’s All Her Fault” (1.2) - TV Review



How To Get Away With Murder, Season 1, Episode 2, “It’s All Her Fault”

October 2, 2014, 10:00p.m. (EST), ABC

What a major improvement over the pilot episode, this one just blew it out of the park!

What I really wanted to be improved upon from the Pilot was the students and their stories, and that is what we got in this episode. The students that Annalise hired are finally getting their time to shine. It was great to see not only Viola Davis transform into her character but to also see her being challenged by the younger cast. Developing characters is what TV is all about for me, I can’t watch a show if the characters never develop or if they are just like any character we can see on another show. Thankfully for this show, I am seeing layers coming undone in each of the students, and the shocks keep coming!

The real suspense happens with the girl next door to Wes, what is she really up to is the question I was having throughout. She comes over and undresses in front of him, but for what? She isn’t trying to seduce him, so what is the point of all of this? And when that bomb drops at the end with her getting taken away with the police, it all comes together that she is somehow tied to the death of the student at her school. Then in the flash-forward we see that the students are not covering up the murder of Annalise’s husband for Annalise, but really for the next door neighbour. I was completely shocked. It’s plot twists like this one that is going to keep me coming back every week just waiting in agony for the next curve ball to be thrown.

Another strength in this episode is the relationship between Annalise and her husband. Viola Davis is just a vision to watch in this episode, especially with the scenes involving her husband. She is playing him, then loving him, then hating him and finally being suspicious of him. Her range is still shocking to me because she keeps pushing the limits with every episode and every scene. I hope that this storyline continues throughout the series because it is my favourite aspect of the show so far.

My only regret with this episode is that the courtroom scenes didn’t go on for longer. I understand why the creators are trying to stick strictly with the students and Annalise, but this court case they had this week blew me away. The characters alone that were involved were interesting and I hope they come back again at some point through this series. And if they don’t come back I hope to be expecting more out of the following weeks to come. Maybe longer courtroom scenes or even darker characters with harsher charges pressed against them. But other than that this episode was amazing!

How To Get Away With Murder is a show that is more interested in characters and thought provoking storytelling then other crime shows that are on TV today. This episode just proved that this is one of the must watch shows of the fall.


This episode is by far better than the pilot in that it develops its main characters, has thought provoking writing and keeps the twists coming to the point where no one can see what is going to happen next week. This show really is a must see.


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