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Mindy Slip

The Mindy Project, Season 3, Episode 4, “I Slipped”

October 7, 2014, 9:30pm, FOX

“I Slipped”, is about the classic conundrum of “dude putting it in the wrong hole”. When Mindy and Danny are in the bedroom, he, whoops, goes for the back-end instead. But according to Peter - bro and sexual deviant extraordinaire, Danny didn’t do this by accident. No man does this by accident. He tells Mindy, think of your most prized possession, don’t you know where it always is, and exactly what you’re doing with it? It really makes so much sense. However “I Slipped”, was the least funny episode of the season. The theme is similar to three before it, it seems the entire season will consist of Danny messing up, each episode, struggling with the truth, and then having a moment of clarity, open up to Mindy, drawing them closer together. It really does work, and I love their fictional relationship, but on the comedy front, it just didn’t have as many laughable gags as usual.

Adam Pally is one of the strongest players on this show, and I really hope they use him much more this season. He goes for broke every time and consistently nails the over-the-top, and the more subtle, small gags. He and Jeremy are still fighting this week, and everyone is team Peter (hashtag). Morgan, though Team Peter, is a person who really likes bringing people together and hates when others are fighting. He invites a very lonely Jeremy to dinner, but of course, with the on-going joke of Morgan’s salary being under the poverty line, Jeremy has to pick the place, and pay, or else they need to stop at a pawn shop on the way. Once they get to dinner, Peter shows up. Morgan has staged an elaborate ploy to make them hash out their problems. Only, this escalates to Peter throwing water in Jeremy’s face, and Jeremy throwing a terribly CGI’d fire in Peter’s, in-turn, burning off his eyebrows.

Morgan has also graduated from nursing school, and can now prescribe meds. Mindy, though she has touted herself a sexually adventurous lady, is far more vanilla than she lets on, but she’s eager to try and please Danny. She just needs some sedatives to do it. Morgan prescribes her roofies, which ends up putting her in the hospital. She and Danny talk everything out, yadda-yadda-yadda, I feel like recapping their relationship each episode is becoming rote since the story arcs are always the same. They’re still great fun to watch together, Chris Messina kills his old-outdated-dad-esque catholic boy persona, and Mindy, who would never promise Morgan she would pick her friends over her boyfriend, she specifically always wanted a boyfriend she could ditch all her friends for, is such a perfect fit for Danny.

The Round Up:

  • Peter’s face with the bandages over the scorched eyebrows slayed me.
  • As did the skeleton sex-ed montage. More Mindy and Peter all the time.
  • Me Cry Now Joy!
7.7 GOOD

"I Slipped", was the least funny episode of the season.

  • GOOD 7.7

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