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Scandal Inside the Bubble

Scandal, Season 4, Episode 3, “Inside the Bubble”

Oct 9, 2014, 9:00p.m. (EST), ABC

This episode disappointed me. I am used to the Scandal that starts off fast then adds to the drama throughout and ends on a high note. This episode started off slow, continued to be slow and then finally took off in the last 5 minutes.

What we got out of this episode was a little bit from every character, but it only scratched the surface with each of them; we were never learning anything new. When I watch Scandal I look forward to looking for something new in the characters, I look forward to getting character development out of at least one of them. This episode didn’t do that for me. On top of that it was just dragging along, spending more time on the two murders of character that aren’t a part of the actual cast, rather than spending time on the murder of Harrison and Jake’s investigation.

We got a little bit of Cyrus, but not the angry and agitated Cyrus. No, we got one that’s oblivious to what is happening around him. This is not the Cyrus I remember or even like and I hope he turns back into his normal self soon. We also got a horrible storyline with Mellie. Last week was extremely strong in respect with Mellie, she was on top of her game and finally likable. But this episode brought her ten steps back. They had a pointless storyline about a murder between newlyweds that has Mellie trying to solve the case. Then when the murder is solved by homicide detectives, she goes back to wearing her pajamas, and wasting away inside the confines of the big white house she lives in. These characters got an unfortunate setback due to useless scenes and dialogue.

The show started getting back on track with the people closest to Olivia slipping away. I have always wondered what would happen to her if the people that help her, left her all alone. I thought I was going to get my answer in this episode. But no, Jake slipped away only to come running back to her. Quinn left her after realizing that she didn’t notice she was missing for 24 hours, only to forgive her later due to the always humble Huck making up for both of them. Abby left her also, but she never ran back.

I am very happy about this rift in the Abby-Olivia relationship. Finally, we see someone not afraid to go toe-to-toe with Olivia. This is going to be one of the stronger themes throughout this season. In this episode the writers are foreshadowing the distance that’s growing in their relationship. One scene that displays this rift is when Fitz calls Abby into the Oval Office to thank and congratulate her for the good job she is doing. But, it turns out that what he’s really wants to know, is how Olivia’s doing. The look on Abby’s face is enough to let everyone know that she’s not happy and the frustration she has is only going to grow stronger as the season progresses.

In the last 5 minutes I finally realized why I love this show. They made me wait way too long to give me that reminder, but I got it. When Jake, Olivia and Rowan are sitting at the dinner table eating and Olivia leaves to take a phone call, well people that is when the episode really begins. The music kicks in and the blackmail begins. The music sounds like a quickened heartbeat that matches mine while I watch in amusement at Jake, once again, trying his hardest to put Rowan in his place and make him suffer for all the pain that he has caused. And, yes, of course, Jake is also looking out for Olivia. The romantic in me is gleeful when Jake slips in the line, “You will not hurt Olivia anymore,” to Rowan in-between insults and threats. This is what this episode should’ve been about the entire time, too bad it wasn’t.

This episode could have been a stand-out if it focused more on a few characters and developed them further, rather than showing a tiny bit of every character, only scratching the surface with each. The episode didn’t feel like Scandal at all which is extremely disappointing because it’s the show I look forward to every week. I’m sure that this was just a one-time accident and will pick back up next week. Everyone makes one mistake, right?

6.9 OKAY

I was expecting a lot from this episode and maybe that’s why I didn’t enjoy it as much as I enjoyed others. The main problem for me was the lack of character development which is one of the prominent things the show is known for doing.

  • OKAY 6.9

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