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new girl goldmine

New Girl, Season 4, Episode 7, “Goldmine”

Tuesday, November 11, 9pm, FOX

Throwback to comedy magician! The beginning of the episode was a strong start, but overall I’m really torn on how I feel about this episode. Last week was so strong. It felt like it was getting back on track. Parts of this episode stood out strongly for me, Nick and Jess’s story line was so realistic. Dealing with dating new people and having to tell those people that you are still living with your ex, is going to present problems, and for a sitcom it’s perfect territory. I also loved Greenfield’s performance this week, Nick’s harem of terrible women, and Nick and Jess’s banter. This season has tried to get back to its old self by sort of forgetting that they dated last season, but their relationship was quite serious. Peppering in moments where they show how much they still care for each other is important. Jess’s new dude Ian who realizes this at the end “clearly he would do anything for you!” shows it.
Things that I had a serious issue with - Winston’s plot line. Winston playing the long game with their two beautiful neighbors in hopes of getting laid, doing chores around the house, playing secretary, Coach sees this and is disgusted. He manipulates the two girls into thinking they’re leaving. When they realize it’s a lie, they kick them out until they need something. Then when Winston realizes he’s not going to get sex, he refuses to do things for them. Then one of them sucks it up and “takes one for the team”… yea.
Schmidt’s issue with Cece’s possible breast reduction started off beautifully. As Cece tells Jess, in her bedroom, with the door closed, you hear Schmidt off camera scream “NO!” followed by running and a frantic knocking at the door. The camera flash backs to Schmidt in “denial” about her possible procedure had me laughing out loud. This is a delicate story line that could come across as entirely misogynist. But it doesn’t, they handle it well, with Simone’s deadpan, strong performance, and the realization that Schmidt just doesn’t want this because he loves Cece for who she is, and doesn’t think she should have to change.
Nick and Jess try to deal with the ex-factor, by telling her new conquest Ian that Nick is gay. Again, this is delicate material that if pulled off wrong, could come across as completely offensive, but they handle it well. Ten years ago, I would expect this plot point to be handled terribly, with Nick donning an effeminate voice, walking around with his hand in the air, and putting on a terrible, offensive over-the-top stereotype of what the entertainment business and homophobes would consider “gay behaviour”. Instead, he refuses to be put into a stereotypical box, you can’t pin him down, and he’s more like Adam Pally’s character on Happy Endings than anything. They also throwback and keep consistent Nick’s sweaty, terrible at lying demeanor, when he’s stuck with Ian alone. Nick, brought home a girl, he couldn’t help himself, and this girl is straight up cray. Jess tries to out crazy her, but the girl’s last boyfriend was 80, and she just kept hoping he wouldn’t die. When Ian doubts that Nick is actually gay, and lying, Schmidt walks in at the perfect moment, delivers a monologue actually related to his sadness over Cece’s surgery that Nick uses to prove they’re dating. Ian instantly believes it, because, why wouldn’t he? Until, the crazy girlfriend comes out. Ian leaves, but it’s ultimately because they’re actually the weirdo ass-clowns, and he’s a normal dude who doesn’t want to deal with that.
The most interesting part of the episode was one of Nick’s final lines “you won’t be able to have a normal relationship as long as we live together.” That sounds like foreshadowing to me.
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  • “Three months ago I bravely reentered the dating pool, and how has this city rewarded me? With an endless parade with weirdo ass-clowns.”
  • “Classic Sophie’s Cho Cho”
  • “Nick, who are these girls?” “They’re not the best.”
  • “hashtag go figure.”
8.0 Great

The beginning of the episode was a strong start, but overall I'm really torn on how I feel about this episode.

  • Great 8.0

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