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The Mindy Project, Season 3, Episode 8, “Diary of a Mad Indian Woman”

Tuesday, November 18, 9:30pm, FOX

The Mindy Project has to be my favorite comedy on network television right now. The writing is incredibly strong and the characters are so fully fleshed out that when I see a character reacting to something, it always makes sense to me. Of course Danny would do this, of course Mindy would say that. This week’s lead plot and side story lines both mingled together in such a fine, intricate way, that it makes me glad I watch it after New Girl, or else I might get deterred from putting up with their struggles.

Mindy only spends the night at Danny’s and she’s getting tired of him not putting forth the effort to stay at her place. It makes sense to me that he wouldn’t enjoy staying at her place, his character is the type that likes things the way he likes them and needs a strong routine, Mindy’s place is outside of that box. But, due to the strength of their relationship (and Mindy wearing a glittery eye patch because Danny kicked her in the face), he compromises and agrees to stay at hers. Mindy however, is supposed to be mentoring at the hospital, and tells Danny to just hang out at her place in the meantime. Danny finds Mindy’s diary and we get a look into just how long Mindy has actually been pining for Danny, which has been since she met him. Not only that, she’s seriously going to reconsider their relationship if he doesn’t propose by Christmas.

Danny is still freshly divorced, and it makes sense that he would be apprehensive about this, but it could be the thing that pulls them apart, or at least creates the drama that a good sitcom needs. Furthering this, one of Mindy’s disgruntled students refers to her as a “bossy, stressed-out spinster,” which could be some serious  foreshadowing. It was also great to see the good doctor side of Mindy. The one who has been lauded for her skill set. She latches on to a terrible student, to try and make better, resulting in the “best” student calling sexism on her, and Peter giving some great lines as her side kick. Pretty much all the cast had a purpose this episode, with fantastic lines. Tamra got to pretend she was Mindy, spouting off poetry. Morgan got to callback to his “turn down service,” at Mindy’s apartment. Jeremy was able to show off his forging skills, thanks to calligraphy class, as he re-writes Mindy’s diary after Danny spills wine on it. The three men also were able to have a scene together, where they give Danny advice on his future with Mindy.

The Mindy ready to settle down, Danny unsure of his ability to commit will certainly be the couples conflict in the future, but for now, he’s coming back to her apartment to stay with her.


  • “Have you seen the show Blackish? I think you’d like it.”
  • “You have a piano, I have a children’s xylophone.”
  • “Prince George’s hottest diaper looks.”
  • “Did this treadmill just ask my weight? Rude!”
  • “We just went 50/50 on an unisex raincoat.”
9.0 Amazing

This week's lead plot and side story lines both mingled together in such a fine, intricate way.

  • Amazing 9.0

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