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mindy project how to lose a mom

The Mindy Project, Season 3, Episode 9, “How to Lose a Mom in Ten Days”

Tuesday, November 25, 9:30pm, FOX

Adam Pally is leaving, oh merciful heavens why!? I had to get that out of my system, ever since I heard the news, I’ve been so upset and couldn’t wait to write it down, to feel some slight catharsis. I don’t, he’s one of my favourite characters, and instantly improved the show as soon as he joined. He’s going to be missed, with his babely hair, and beautiful mid-western accent. Sigh.

Okay, on to the review. Tonight, we get more Annette, as Mindy feels she’s encroaching too much on her relationship with Danny. That’s the problem with dating a man who has a single, Italian mother. They’re around, a lot. She comes into the room when he’s taking a bath, she answers his phone when Mindy sends Nudies. It’s far too much. So Mindy decides to hook her up with the old doctor at the hospital whose business Jeremy is trying to snake. Danny is against this at first, warning she’ll turn Annette into the tart of Staten Island. Which is just what happens. They find Annette’s online dating profile.

Morgan has just been dumped by Tamra, I actually really liked those two together and it bums me out, but it gives Ike Barinholtz some great lines this episode as well as a solid story-line. Mindy Project has an amazing cast, but in my opinion, Morgan is the most unused character. I really enjoy when he becomes a focus. Mindy sets Annette up on a date with Morgan because she thinks so low of him, that Annette will realize how terrible dating is and run back tot he nice old doctor. Of course, she’s won over by the Tookers charms, and wants to keep dating Morgan. The culminating scene when Danny finds out, Morgan has asked him to partake in a game of catch is by far one of my favorite bits this season. Both of them in ridiculous red baseball caps, talking father and son things.

The resolution of Annette calling up the old doctor again makes me wonder if they’re going to cool it on her guest appearances now, she’s been on it so much lately. Nor that I don’t love her, but it could become overkill. For now, give us all the Peter Prentice we can handle, for he will soon be gone. Sob, what will Mindy do without her confidante?

[The Round-Up]

  • “Normally, how many months we dated, is how many years it takes for me to get over them.”
  • “Who’s this Kate Up-Town?”
  • “”The trick to online dating is to bold-face lie. Now, what are your interests?” “Dog husbandry, spending time with grandma.”
  • “I didn’t apologize when I ran out of plates and ate off your records.”
9.0 Amazing

Adam Pally is going to be missed, with his babely hair, and beautiful mid-western accent.

  • Amazing 9.0

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