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new girl thanksgiving 4

New Girl, Season 4, Episode 9, “Thanksgiving IV”

Tuesday, November 25, 9pm, FOX

Bangsgiving. The premise of this episode is very frat-guy, but the writers and actors manage to make it an incredibly endearing episode. Schmidt, in a ridiculous hat continues what he’s been doing all season, trying to get all the flatmates (and Cece) back out there. This time, they use thanksgiving (because that’s a sexy holiday!) and determines that they will have a singles party, each person picked from the hat, has to bring an eligible person for them. Jess is desperate to get over Ryan because, of course, she doesn’t want to break the rules at school, she even sides with Principal Rooney from Ferris Bueller. Coach doesn’t see the issue with this, neither do the other roommates, even Nick, which is the only weird thing still on this. Do Nick and Jess care about each-other so much that they just don’t care what the other does now? I digress.

Cece’s date mysteriously doesn’t show up, and she assumes Schmidt lied. Geoff is apparently stuck in traffic because there’s a wild peacock on the loose. Schmidt’s girl is someone Nick used to see, named Lucy, who turns out to be an anti-semite. Winston’s girl is the lunch-lady at Jess’s school, which Winston seems to have a problem with at first. Nick drew is own name and invited Tran, which makes the whole episode for me. Every time Tran shows up and Nick just talks to him while he smiles blankly, it slays me. Coach’s lady is a woman with some serious pipes that Coach is too intimidated by.

This episode worked so well, proving the show is still on its uphill climb. First, the music they used this episode was incredible. Second, every character gets a decent amount of screen time to advance their story. Third, Jess and Nick get another great talk, showcasing their chemistry, it’s still apparent, and I could see perhaps a hint of conflict that will come up between her, Nick and Ryan in the future. Jess decides to just go for it, and break her rules, which we kind of knew she was going to do, but it’s still great to watch. In fact every character goes against their instincts in a way that showcases progress. Cece is admitting to herself that she really does want to be with Schmidt, as , at the end of the episode Geoff actually shows and she kicks him out to spend alone time with Schmidt. Nick has a prospect now, and it’s Tran’s granddaughter!

Every character is moving on, and we need to, too.

[The Round-Up]

  • “You look like a Jewish Pharell”
  • “Your plan sounds a little kidnap-y”
  • “I just want you to know I’ve really gotten into feet lately, so do with that what you will.”
  • “He spells Geoff with a “G” so you know he comes from money.”
  • “Where are all the girls you’ve been sleeping with lately? The ones with no family or friends?”
  • “Kind of like how you can’t call little people, ‘shrinkies'”

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