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New Girl, Season 4, Episode 10, “Girl Fight”

Tuesday, December 2, 2014, 9pm, FOX

New Girl is on a roll. They’ve really found their rhythm this season, and I’m so glad. This show started out so well, became one of the best single camera sitcoms on network television in season two, and then faltered in three. The writers and performers have gotten so comfortable with the characters by now, that they’re able to predict what each character would do in a situation, take them out of their comfort zone, and allow them to grow from it. It’s exactly what strong writing in a comedy should be.

This episode, the underutilized Winston is finally making headway in the police academy. The characters talk about Winston, and he pops in and out, but it hasn’t seemed like it’s actually progressing. Now we know he’s a really great student, and so close to becoming a cop, he’s nervous about it (as slipped in during his sangria time two episodes ago), it’s affecting his ability to study for final exams.

One of the main focuses this episode is Jess and Cece’s relationship. It’s always been a bit off, and New Girl has done a great job of addressing how these girls, who are completely different as adults, and have little in common, can make their friendship work still. It’s not without its hardships as evidenced by the blow-up of years worth of pent-up annoyances, and leads the men to try to stupidly (and hilariously) intrude because they “know” women. Schmidt believes he knows women from years of being Fat Schmidt Friend-Zoned, a phrase I would like to coin, because it just flows so well. Coach, who, as we’ve all noticed is TERRIBLE with women, and sometimes bordering misogynist thinks he’s an expert because he had a lot of women in his family.

The incident that spawns all of the blow-ups is something so cliché in the land of stereotyping, it angered me slightly - a purse. Cece gets angry when she finds out (thanks to bonehead Schmidt), that Jess secretly bought the purse. Women fighting over a purse. Never in my life would I EVER fight over a purse, or even consider fighting over a purse. Half the time, I show up to work with a busted, fake leather back-pack that houses all my gym gear. But I digress. The other thing this episode has working for it, is the return of Nadia, the insane Russian model. The idea that Nadia is having a child…which she cites as being a product of a “little sex-party miracle,” is just another gold star for the writers. Nadia was always one of those characters who popped in, had some spit-out-your-after-work-wine one-liners, but never would have worked as a full time character, she’s just too over-the-top. But she works so well here, as the venue for the blow-up between Jess and Cece to come to a head, and allows the catharsis (and disgusting breast milk incident) to come spewing out (pun intended).

Also - Kai. Nick’s new lady. New Girl has introduced both Jess and Nick to their perfect (on paper) matches. Ryan is a man who loves jam, crafts, teaching, etc. Kai, Tran’s granddaughter, is possibly homeless (which Nick is okay with), loves pizza AND porn. Amen sister. Thank you New Girl for introducing me to the first relatable female character on this show. This gives Winston the perfect avenue to procrastinate as he sets out investigating whether or not she really is homeless. Turns out no, she’s actually super rich, making Tran one of the most interesting characters ever (and also explains why he’s able to chill on park benches all day). She was just afraid that Nick would be intimidated be her means, which he’s not, because she’s made for him, by some incredibly gifted writers.

The Round-up

  • So many good lines tonight, but the MVP goes to Coach, postulating on feminism: “Lena Dunham! I don’t know…”
  • 9.0 Amazing

    This episode, the underutilized Winston is finally making headway in the police academy.

    • Amazing 9.0

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