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new girl coming out

New Girl, Season 4, Episode 13, “Coming Out”

Tuesday, January 13, 2015 at 8:30pm, Fox

Is there a reason that Nick and Kai are barely shown showing emotion together? Is this a writer’s ploy to make sure the audience doesn’t get too attached? After tonight’s New Girl, I think so. New Girl, to many, has been on an uphill climb from season three, this much is true. But it still has not been able to capture the magic of the first two seasons. It still has golden lines, but there are a few network shows (namely Mindy Project), that are just, far funnier at this point. Also, I’ve been re-watching Happy Endings, and BOY do they ever use Damon Wayans Jr., terribly. Coach is an awful, underdeveloped character. Brad was such a great character, and the writers allowed Wayans Jr., to use his physical comedy skills to their utmost potential, along with injecting a lot of pathos and emotion into his character. Coach is just flat. He wants to keep boning the dumb lady teachers at school, who all want Ryan now, so he does a lot of research and finds the loophole where it lets Jess and Ryan come out as a couple without affecting their jobs.

Of course, this doesn’t go as planned and we get some of the greatest laughs of tonight from the always fantastic guest stars that play teachers at Jess’ school. Now the staff thinks that Jess is exercising favoritism towards her beau, and drive her crazy over it, leading her to pick Lorenzo’s field trip.. which turns out to be to his house so the kids can do his yard work. At the end of the day, Jess gives a big talk to the staff, where she declares her love for Ryan.. already? When? How? I get those are the feelings they’re invoking in the viewer, but, seriously. Too soon.

Meanwhile, Schmidt is suffering from a work induced Ulcer and is forced to stay home. Kai and Nick try and take all of his communications devices away, so he can in no way do any work, which leads him to dig out Nick’s old word processor and bring it into the bathroom. In one of the few actual emotional moments of the episode, Schmidt asks Nick how he can stand to live the way he does, and doesn’t it make him feel pathetic? This, I think might lead Nick to eventually change, I still believe they’ll circle back to him and Jess.

Winston is picking up girls with a crystal, whatever works I guess.

The Round-up

  • “Listen to that pushy male nurse wearing the sames shoes as an old russian woman.”
  • “should i call my mom to thank her for my wide fat ass?”
  • “sit around all day like an off duty ice cream man?!”
  • “you’re putting forward a really creepy murdery vibe today”
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